Lessons No. Situation: Effect: Recommendation and Comments: 1. Cost Cost estimation must be as accurate as possible.  Towards the end of the project it’s too late to identify the project overrun. Focus more on the cost. Produce weekly report of how much was spend and how much it will still cost. Set up a stand-by budget for any unforeseen changes and extra works. 2.

Communication Lack of communication or late answers from any part of the team affect the whole project. Communication between involved parties should be opened and maintained all the time. Setting up a virtual group is very useful.   3. Design It can be a big issue if the design doesn’t meet requirements and criteria’s, especially budget. Concept design should be produced earlier, so the team can review and contribute value comments.   4.

Time Missed deadline by member of the team can seriously affect the project duration which can result in loss. Involved parties should be prepared carefully to deliver the project and be always on time. More time planning helps to safe time during the process.

  5. Scope Change order and extra work orders affect the scope of the project. If control is lost over the scope, then control over the time and cost is also lost.   Before starting additional work, identify a propose change, the impact on cost and schedule and check whether the documents were approved or rejected. Follow a scope control process. 6. Team Work in a team can be stressful.

There can be misunderstanding or less contribution from other parties. Team members should equally help to decide, contribute, carry out the work and receive the changes. Focus on positive outcomes not on problems. Respect and tolerance! Neutral facilitator if needed.   7.

De Montford University 25 metre six-lane swimming pool, open seven days a week to members and public.  Available lane swim, aqua aerobic, public swim, family fun and sauna. The massage room, or e.g. Podiatrist room would help to make more money and attract the place better. 8.

Oxford University 25m deck-level 8-lane pool, UV water treatment system – low chlorine Adult lane swimming 7 days a week Swim lessons available Swim shop and café Attractive place, however the size of the pool could be 50m, as its very popular town with many students and tourists. Attraction for families should be considered. 9. Sheffield University A full-size, six-lane heated pool, catering for all interests, from lane swimming to aqua aerobics. Poolside sauna and steam rooms.

Disabled access routes. There should be 8 lines, instead of 6. Many attractions for every group of people. Disabled access is provided, so some attractions for disables only should be considered (maybe lessons).

10. Manchester University  FREE Swimming sessions for students and staff. Personal training available. 50m Diving pool with different depths, fun pool with slides, Sauna and steam room. Great size of the pool with many attractions. Swimming competitions should be considered. Coffee shop would be great! 11. Leeds University Movable floor, swiss timing systems, 2m depth.

aqua aerobics, swimming lessons, paddling sessions There should be more attraction for the public, especially for families. Sauna and steam room should be considered. 12. Coventry University  50m Olympic pool, leisure splash pool, teaching pool, Inspire Swim School swimming lessons, Casual Swimming  Very attractive place for all group of people. Should consider swim and coffee shop.


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