Leah Brown English 15 Professor McGee Yinger January 19, 2018                            Dark  In an attempt to clone Stranger Things, but in German the new fan fanatic show on Netflix; Dark is intriguing, mysterious, and in itself dark. In the ten episode science-fiction and horror series, the disappearance of a young boy sets off an alarming signal to the police because he has vanished without a trace. In the show, there are hints that of a parallel world co-existing with their world. There `also a group of kids who are seemingly bent on solving the disappearance of the missing boy that the police can not seem to crack open.

 The show is made from people to think. It does not give out information willing for this reason to make viewers predict and guess what they believe is going to happen. The show was written very well and thought-provoking which is why I liked the show a lot and is why I think others should watch the show too.  Mikkel’s disappearances because the main focal point the show thus ensnaring Ulrich (Mikkels father of that time period) and the townspeople all caught up trying to figure out where he went without messing up the spacetime. In the show, there are three different times periods 1953, 1986, and the year the show starts 2019.

Time is the most important aspect of the sinister show. Once the views get far enough into the show to realize the mysterious cave in the beginning that talks are where the time traveling is being done.  In 1953 for example, showing young Ulrich and Hannah who are experiencing the events first by Ulrich losing his brother but in 2019 see their counterparts are living their adult life, but also showing the events that happened in that time period coming about the exact same just 33 years later. So every 33 years the same thing happens a young boy disappears and the cycle starts all over again.  But not everybody knows the cycle, and the ones that have figured it out started in 1953 where they have already been through the experience twice now and are now catching and trying to fix the tragic events that the continuous cycle of travel and they know the consequence of creating a paradoxical tear in the spacetime.

 In addition, to time traveling we also see younger and older versions of the same person but viewers that watch the first or second episode still would not understand yet whom these random people coming through a magical cave. But once the connection is made it is seen that what we would not have thought is that the hotel receptionist is Regina or Helge’s son is Peter or that the man in the hoodie that first walked through the cave is Jonas older self but when viewers finally catch this and understand it; it starts to make the show just a tad less confusing than what it is. Since the show set in a small town, it makes it like a puzzle and each family is just a piece of that puzzle and as a result of it being a small town, the continuous run-ins with each family starts to feel too connected.  By the end of the season, when proven that not just one family’s sins to cause this outpour of actions; the entire town forced to reconcile with its past.

For some, this may be the exact binge viewers have been waiting for, Stranger Things 2.0. Of course, this show will be analyzed over the family connections, details, and the family tree. In seemingly to be thought of the small quiet town to be thought of nothing ever happens here but, in fact, the show leaves you with missing children, mysterious time-traveling caves, older selves time traveling back to stop what is going to be done in the future, and one big looming government building.

This show will lure viewers in and leave viewers out hanging to dry and fester for more answers. 


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