For this leading study, we have chosen the film A«A Dead Poets SocietyA A» . This film was awarded for the best scenario in 1989 and was a great international success. We have selected this film for different grounds that we will explicate below.First, some members of our work group were adolescents when the film was released. At that clip, in some manner, they identified themselves to the characters of the film who are besides adolescents.

“ Carpe Diem ” had become a really popular construct in Gallic schools because adolescents were concerned by the vision of life presented in the film. The youngest members of our work group saw the film for the first clip a few old ages ago and were besides impressed by the originality of the scenario.Furthermore, we think that this film covers many leading facets: each chief character has his ain type of leading and there are interesting interactions and influences between the characters to talk about. For us, this film has been like a “ leading research lab ” where to go on to larn from.We would wish to indicate out that we have analysed leading in this film taking into history that the narrative takes topographic point in 1959, that is to state at a clip when educational criterions were different from today ‘s. In this regard, the behavior of the grownups like Mr Nolan ( Director of the School ) and Mr Perry ( pupil ‘s male parent ) sometimes may hold appeared to us opprobrious, but at that clip it was likely more common than today.The A«A Dead Poets SocietyA A» can be summarised as follow:In 1959, John Keating, an unconventional English literature instructor, has freshly arrived at Welton Academy. This school is known for its esteemed instruction but besides, and non the least, its unsmooth and rigorous instruction.

For the pupils, Mr Keating will be much more than a instructor: he will be their usher. He will learn them what can non be learnt from books: talk up their head, make their ain pick of life, and in the terminal become free liquors. He will deeply act upon his pupils particularly Todd and Neil.Here is below a diagram that we have drawn up in order to stand for the different characters and the influences they have on each others.This study will be divided in three different subdivisions. First, we will concentrate on Mr Nolan, Director of Welton, and Mr Perry, Neil ‘s male parent, as they both appear as strong authorization figures in the film. In a 2nd portion, we will show Mr Keating ‘s personality and leading as an option to the authorization figures. In a last portion, we will concentrate on the personality and leading of three other chief characters that are pupils: Charlie Dalton, Neil Perry and Todd Anderson.

We will so reason this study by an unfastened treatment on some peculiar facets of leading.

Authority figures

Mr Nolan

Mr Nolan ‘s personality and relationships with the pupils

Mr Nolan is the Director of Welton. His mentality is based on the Four Pillars of Welton which are tradition, honor, subject and excellence. He genuinely believes in these values and is programmed to put to death them. He wants the values of the school to be purely regarded by the pupils. They all must cognize the four Pillars and adhere to them. As we will see in the undermentioned paragraph, his personality is autocratic and his leading can be qualified as traditional and conservative.At the beginning of the film, his address as portion of the Welton welcoming ceremonial reflects his mentality: he has a formal, grave and really stiff attitude.

He represents the “ esteemed ” Welton School and has a mission: “ fix male childs for college ” . It is his vision as a leader. During the ceremonial, we can see pride on his face, peculiarly when he announces:“ Last twelvemonth we graduated 51.

And more than 75 % of those went on to the Ivy League. ” ( 03:10 )Both Mr Nolan and the ceremonial he leads are hidebound and conservative. We instantly understand that there is no topographic point for imaginativeness, invention and creativeness in this school.Subsequently on, when he meets some of the pupils at the terminal of the ceremonial, we can see how of import excellence is for him and how he subtly puts force per unit area on the male childs:Mr Nolan to Todd: “ You have some large places to make full. Your brother was one of our finest ” ( 04:42 )Mr Nolan to Neil: “ We expect great things from you this twelvemonth ” ( 04:50 )The major trait of his personality is authorization. His authorization shows up really clearly in the center of film ( 01:12:06 ) when he arrives in the instructors ‘ room. He is really annoyed due to an article that was written in the Welton Honour ( school diary ) that he qualifies as “ profane ” . This word “ profane ” that he uses is really strong.

He wants rigorous countenances to penalize the 1s that have written this article. He is besides really leery. He has full power in the school and he is certain to happen the guilty individuals shortly. He expects a denouncement. His purpose is to track down the 1s that have dared to ignore the regulations and the rules of the school and, in the terminal, defied his authorization. Mr Nolan uses repression to function the school ‘s values which illustrates some dictatorial behavior.Mr Nolan uses bodily penalty as a leading tool. For case he beats Charlie Dalton who is the male child who had written the article and so had dared to dispute him in populace.

Mr Nolan ‘s relationship with Mr Keating

Mr Nolan is leery towards Mr Keating and discreetly observes him while he is learning out-of-door ( 01:03:06 ) . The duologues between Mr Nolan and Mr Keating look like a affable confrontation as we will explicate below.Mr Nolan says to Mr Keating that he is older, has more experience, knows what instruction is and that he was learning English every bit good A«A ( aˆ¦ ) long before your timeA A» ( 01:15:25 ) , which shows that he expects regard from Mr Keating.

Mr Nolan is enforcing his vision of instruction on Mr Keating who is new in the school. Mr Nolan uses the word A«A unortodoxA A» to measure up Mr Keating ‘s methods. Mr Keating does non look impressed and is both polite and sarcastic when he answers to Mr Nolan:“ Well, your rebuke made rather an feeling, I ‘m certain ” ( 01:16:09 ) .Mr Nolan is non dupe and alterations tactics towards Mr Keating inquiring him more concrete inquiries on his category.

Mr Keating explains his ain vision of instruction and life. Mr Nolan is so able now to openly knock Mr Keating ‘s methods. Here follows a part of the duologue between the two characters exemplifying the above:Keating: “ I have ever thought the thought of instruction was to larn to believe for yourselfA ” ( 01:16:30 ) .Nolan: “ At this male child ‘ age? Not on your life! Tradition, John. Discipline.

Fix them for college and the remainder will take attention of itself.A ” .This duologue clearly shows that none can challenge Mr Nolan ‘s positions on instruction at Welton. This discloses an bossy leading from Mr Nolan. All instructors must hold the same vision.

Mr Nolan ‘s behavior shows some facets of the transactional leading theoretical account that we saw in category: “ when people have agreed to make a occupation, a portion of the trade is that they cede all authorization to their director ” . That is what he wants Mr Keating to understand. Furthermore, it is obvious for Mr Nolan that “ the premier intent of a subsidiary is to make what their director tells them to make ” . There is no possible treatment.

Mr Nolan ‘s leading and honor

After Neil ‘s decease, Mr Nolan keeps his self-denial. He wants to set a concluding point to this incident by happening an ideal guilty individual.

Such a serious incident must non dirty his honor and the esteemed image of Welton. A guilty individual responsible for this tragic event must be found. This will acquit Welton. Mr Keating is for Mr Nolan the perfect whipping boy as his methods and manner of thought are excessively different from the school ‘s rules.All over the movie, Mr Nolan is still the same: autocratic and dictatorial: He does non digest to be challenged.

He can non stand A«A believing differentA A» . There is no alteration from the start to the terminal of the film. He steers a class and his nonsubjective his clear: to be Welton ‘s retainer and maintain it in traditionality and asceticism to continue its prestigiousness.

Mr Perry

Mr Perry is Neil ‘s male parent. As we will see below, he can besides be regarded as a strong authorization figure.Mr Perry is a really rigorous adult male.

He has a stiff behavior both in his ain manner of life and in the manner he educates his boy. The manner he wears, the badness of his face ( when he is angry at his boy ) and some inside informations like the manner he carefully aligns his slippers on the land when he goes to bed at the terminal of the move ( 1:38:27 ) , reflect his mentality. His construct of life is based on rigorous order, subject and planning.On the one manus, Mr Perry is really autocratic with Neil: “ You do what I tell you, is that clear? ” ( 08:09 ) He commends Neil: “ I have spoken to Mr Nolan, you ‘re taking excessively many extracurricular activities this semester. I have decided you must drop the one-year school ” . ( 07:31 )On the other manus, Mr Perry becomes gentler with his boy merely when Neil agrees with him “ If you need anything, allow us cognize ” .

In that manner, Mr Perry ‘s leading towards Neil has some forms of the transactional leading: he has full authorization on his boy and Neil merely has to obey him. If Neil obeys, his male parent offers him his support, if non, he is “ punished ” . More than autocratic, the leading ‘s manner of Mr Perry is dictatorial: Mr Perry does non listen to his boy and imposes his ain positions to Neil without inquiring him his advice. He is sturdy. For case, he says to his boy: “ Tomorrow, I am retreating you from Welton and inscribing you in Braden Military School. You are traveling to Harvard and you ‘re gon na be a physician.

” ( 1:36:20 )Mr Perry does non understand his boy. For case, he says: “ You have wasted your clip with this absurd playing concern ” ( 1:18:52 ) . It is like if Mr Perry and Neil were non talking the same linguistic communication: Mr Perry ‘s linguistic communication is based on ground and Neil ‘s linguistic communication is based on passion. Mr Perry besides behaves as if he was himself persecuted by his boy “ why is it that you insist on withstanding us ” ( 1:36:10 ) .

For case, he besides says “ do n’t of all time challenge me in public, make you understand ” ( 07:59 ) .He uses blackmail “ you know how much this means to your female parent, do n’t you ” ( 08:15 ) . He wants his kid to make the surveies and have the bearer that he would hold liked for himself “ I have made many forfeits to acquire you here and you will non allow me down ” ( 1:20:07 ) . “ You have chances that I ne’er even dreamt of and I am non traveling to allow you blow them ” ( 1:36:41 ) .The consequence of Mr Perry ‘s leading is that communicating with his boy is impossible. His boy can non see any issue to the state of affairs, except self-destruction.

An option to the authorization figures: Mr John Keating

“ A leader must hold the bravery to move against an expert ‘s advice.

” – James Callaghan – : that ‘s what Mr. Keating does. He goes against the school ‘s regulations.John Keating ‘s leading has two sides: a magnetic 1 and besides a airy and entrepreneurial 1.

Charismatic leading

“ Charisma is a twinkle in people that money ca n’t purchase.

It ‘s an unseeable energy with seeable effects. ” – Marianne Williamson –


John Keating ‘s leading is largely based on his personality. He is dynamic, enthusiastic, really dedicated to his pupils and really aroused about schooling. The least we can state is that he is a really bizarre instructor that contrasts with the school ‘s strict atmosphere.He makes a strong feeling on his first twenty-four hours of category. The first scene when he meets the pupils for the first clip is really of import for the future relation he will hold with them.

They are all anticipating a rigorous work atmosphere and teacher, but alternatively of that John Keating gets in the schoolroom whistle. The manner the pupils are gazing at each others shows how surprised they are by John Keating ‘s insouciant mode and evident deficiency of concern.He is the maestro of orchestra, seeking to acquire the best of everyone. He can be seen as a usher, a religious leader who is supplying an alternate manner of acquisition, normally a funnier 1. He makes the pupils realize they are the histrions of their ain fate and that they have to take their way.

He pushes the pupils to travel find replies by themselves utilizing words as “ happen your ain walk ” , “ strive to happen your ain voice ” , “ free up your head ” , ” daring to strike out and all right new land ” ( 1:02:39 ) .He seems to hold a aura over his pupils, like a sermonizer. He believes in them and the pupils believe in him. Mr Keating ‘s purpose is that the pupils get more assurance in themselves and make bold travel further taking enterprises.The film ‘s tagline “ He was their inspiration. He made their lives extraordinary ” besides really good illustrates the magnetic leading of Mr Keating.

Entrepreneurs and airy leading

“ Leadership is the capacity and will to beat up work forces and adult females to a common intent and the character which inspires assurance. ” – Bernard Montgomery -He is an enterpriser: he has the backbones to make things otherwise, to take enterprises.

He is a hazard taker. Indeed, alternatively of following 100 old ages of conventional instruction like his predecessors have done, he chooses an option: learn the pupils how to go free work forces and “ prehend the twenty-four hours ” .He teaches in unconventional ways. For illustration, the first lesson is done outside the schoolroom.

Mr Keating makes it like a game, more alluring and dynamic. Here is below a sample of the duologue between Mr Keating and one of the pupils exemplifying the above:“ Mr Keating: Why the writer does use these lines?A pupil: Because he ‘s in a hasteMr Keating: No! Dinging! Thank you for playing anyhow! ” ( 13:57 )Subsequently on, he asks the pupils to rend out the pages of a literature book, which is incredible for the pupils. Making this, Mr Keating wants to learn them that what is written in books is non ever right and that they must believe by themselves as free work forces.

Mr Keating ‘s relationship with the pupils

“ State me, I will bury. Show me, I may retrieve. Involve me, I will understand. ” – Chinese Proverb -Mr Keating has a particular manner of instruction: he involves his pupils. Indeed, he has a strong strong belief and belief that his pupils could make and be the best. He feels he has to carry through a mission: to take to them far off, the farther they can travel. He merely has to demo them the manner, which explains why he has a particular bond with the pupils. The relation is based on trust, more than a teacher/ pupil relationship.

The fact that the pupils are acute to follow him and play his game shows that he has succeeded in doing this vision come true.As an alumna of this school, he, better than anyone else, knows what it is like to be in their place. We can presume that it is why he is seeking to be different and wants his lessons to assist the pupils in existent life.He is a reasonable and intuitive adult male: since the beginning, he is able to observe his pupils ‘ personality. He is really fast in acquiring the defects of his pupils. He understands them and acts to assist them develop their accomplishments.

This can be noticed in his behavior with Todd. He sees that Todd needs some aid. He detects Todd ‘s fright and takes actions to do Todd travel beyond it:Mr Keating “ aˆ¦ I would kike you to compose a verse form of your ain, an original work ” . ( He ‘s go forthing the category and comes back a few seconds subsequently ) “ Mr Anderson. Do n’t believe that I do n’t cognize that this assignment scares the snake pit out of you, you mole. ” ( 42:28 )

The bounds of Mr Keating ‘s leading

However, an unexpected event will set an terminal to Mr Keating ‘s methods: the self-destruction of one of the pupils, Neil.

Mr Keating is held responsible for Neil ‘s decease by the Management of the school and is so dismissed.Mr Keating ‘s aims were to develop the pupils. However, he has had no control over them and their actions. He has proposed an appealing option of acquisition, but has non cleared up the negative possible effects.

We can believe that he has been excessively idealist and that he has brought with him excessively many large alterations in an organisation whose values and aims were wholly different from his. For this ground, we can presume that Mr Keating ‘s leading was expected to likely neglect one twenty-four hours or another.

Portrayal of three different leaders among the pupils

Charlie Dalton

Where he comes from

Charlie evolves in the same spiritual school environment as his friends.

This environment is really autocratic. It is based on regulations and wonts that must be respected. We know that Charlie comes from a affluent household and that his male parent is a banker.

Charlie ‘s personality

Charlie has a strong personality. He likes aggravation and is sometimes a Rebel. He is besides the “ amusing cat ” of the group.

He is a carefree individual and can uncover himself thoughtless of the effects of his actions.All over the movie, there are illustrations demoing his rebel side. We can see this trait of his personality really clearly when he announces to his friends that he has released an illegal article in the school diary. In this article, he pleaded for the admittance of misss at Welton, which is by nature an “ abuse ” to the Management of the school. Charlie does non see the effects of his act, but his friends do.Following the release of this article, the Director of the School, Mr Nolan wants to happen the guilty individual and for this intent he organizes a meeting with all the pupils. At the meeting, Charlie follows up his thought and defies the authorization of Mr Nolan, feigning that he is having a call from God inquiring for the admittance of misss: A«A Welton Academy HelloA ! A Yes, he is. Merely a minute.

Mr Nolan, it ‘s for you. It ‘s God! Hey says we should hold misss at Welton ” ( 1:13:07 ) .He is besides really proud. The scene that best shows his pride is merely after he was kicked out by Mr Nolan as a penalty for the release of the article in the diary. As he is speaking with his friends, he does non acknowledge that he got hurt, but raises his caput and reminds his friends of his warrior ‘s nickname “ Nuwanda ” ( 1:15:15 ) .Charlie likes his new instructor, Mr Keating, non merely because of his original vision of poesy, but besides because Mr Keating ‘s learning methods make him free to experiment make bolding inventions. Charlie likes to experiment freedom.

This is what we can see in the scene where Mr Keating asks the male childs to walk in line. Charlie decides non to make the exercising stating to Mr Keating that he is “ Exerting the right non to walk ” ( 1:02:58 ) . Mr Keating accepts Charlie ‘s place as he is exactly learning the boys how to go free work forces.

Charlie ‘s leading

At the beginning of the movie, Charlie appears as a natural leader due to his personal traits: his is extrovert, self-assured and unprompted. He has a sense of temper that the others appreciate.

Because of his strong personality, his is the 1 that is noticed foremost in the group. He is the 1 who makes enterprises in the group. For case, he is the first to hear Mr Keating and rend out the page of the poesy book: Mr Keating: “ Travel on.

Rend out the full page. You heard me. Rend it outaˆ¦Thank you, Mr Dalton ” ( 22:15 ) .He besides chooses his ain moniker “ Nuwanda ” ( 1:05:50 ) as if he was an Indian warrior. He is the lone 1 in the group to make that and the others seem to look up to him for his creativeness. This shows that he besides has some personal appeal.

Charlie ‘s strong personality remains changeless all over the film, but does non fit with the severe and rigorous regulations of the school. However, Mr Keating ‘s category and methods allow Charlie to show himself more freely.Time after clip, Charlie ‘s leading over the group is acquiring less of import because of Neil ‘s leading that is demoing up and turning. For case, when Mr Keating asks the male childs to stand up on the tabular arraies, Charlie is non the first to travel, but Neil is.We can state that Charlie does non stay a strong leader in the pupil ‘s group because his friends do non ever understand and hold on his behavior. Charlie acts on his ain without confer withing his friends. The consequence is that Charlie appears as unmanageable and as person who can set himself and his friends in danger ( he released an illegal article in the diary ) . Charlie has so non maintain the others ‘ assurance and can non be considered by the others as their leader.

Neil Perry

Neil ‘s personality

Neil is besides a pupil at Welton and is one of most of import characters in the film. He lives in an autocratic and respectful environment non merely at Welton but besides at place. He is expected to be compliant with rigorous and heavy regulations and obey the strong authorization of his male parent and school. Like all the pupils at Welton, he is supposed to follow a elaborate order built around the four values of Welton: subject, excellence, tradition and award.Neil is an enthusiastic and a dynamic male child. He is the instigator of the re-launch of the Dead Poets Society. Judging by the manner he acts and negotiations, he is really determined and self confident. For case, a batch of his sentences begin with “ I want ” .

His exhilaration and passion show up really good when he decides to follow his career: play.In the film, we can see that Neil ‘s personality has three different sides. Each of these sides appears depending on his circle of familiarities: Neil appears every bit submissive to his male parent ‘s authorization, he is more like a leader in his ain group and eventually he has a particular bond with Mr Keating.

Neil ‘s relationship with his male parent

Neil ‘s personality weakens in forepart of his male parent, who represents the household authorization: Neil seems to go compliant and inactive. He does non make bold to confront him up, or to state him that he wants a way different from what his male parent expects. He has a whole life planned by his male parent. His male parent ‘s authorization overwhelms Neil and Neil can non contend with him, but merely show his understanding. Here are two illustrations of his “ evident ” obeisance to his male parent:1.

Mr Perry: “ You ‘re taking excessively many extracurricular activities this semester, and I ‘ve decided that you should drop the school one-year ”

[ aˆ¦ ]

Mr Perry: “ [ .. ] . Do n’t you of all time challenge me in public. Make you understand? ”Neil: “ Father, I was n’t challenging..

. ”Mr Perry: “ After you ‘ve finished medical school… and you ‘re on your ain, so you can make as you damn good delight. But until so, you do as I tell you. Is it clear? ”Neil: “ Yes, Sir. I ‘m regretful.

” ( 7:23 )2.Mr Perry: “ Do n’t you make bold speak back to me. It ‘s bad plenty that you ‘ve wasted your clip with this, this absurd playing concern, but you intentionally deceived me.

How did you anticipate to acquire off with this? …

Answer me. Who put you up to it? Was it this new adult male? Keating? ”However, we have noticed that there is a large difference between what he says to his male parent and the manner he acts. Indeed, although it is hard for Neil to state his male parent what he wants for himself, he does non waver to compose a false missive assuming his male parent ‘s signature in order to play in the play in which he has a function.Neil ‘s relationship with his male parent contrasts with the 1 he develops with his instructor, Mr Keating.

degree Celsius ) Neil ‘s relationship with Mr Keating

One of the most interesting relationship in the film is the 1 between Mr Keating and Neil, and more notable the manner it evolves.

Neil is the first professor ‘s follower. He becomes wholly fascinated by this instructor. Every clip Mr Keating speaks, Neil is like captivated by Mr Keating ‘s words.He admires him and considers him as a theoretical account with whom he can hold free and confidential negotiations about his passions and dreams. Neil sees in his professor a wise man, learning him how to populate his life. He to the full trusts his address without oppugning Mr Keating ‘s mentality.

vitamin D ) Neil ‘s relationship with Todd

Sing his relation with Todd, Neil is like a wise man to him ; he takes him under his protection and decides to assist him populate his life.Assorted scenes highlight the fact that Neil wants to assist Todd by opening his head to the universe. For case, Neil succeeds in converting Todd to be portion of the Dead Poets Society even if at first Todd does non desire to because he does non desire to take bend in reading. Neil does non desire Todd to be excluded. He so offers to accommodate the Dead Poets Society regulations so that Todd does non hold to read and experience comfy in fall ining the Dead Poets Society.Here is a scene exemplifying the above:Neil: “ Todd, are you coming tonight? ”Todd: “ No ”Neil: “ Why non? God, you were at that place. You heard Keating.

Do n’t you desire to make something about that? ”Todd: “ Yes, butaˆ¦ ”Neil: “ But? But What? ”Todd: “ Keating said that everybody took bends reading, and I do n’t desire to make that. ”Neil: “ Gosh, you truly have a job with that, do n’t you? ”Todd: “ No I do n’t hold a job. I merely… I do n’t desire to make it, okay? ”Neil: “ All right. What if you did n’t hold to read? What if you merely came and listened? ”Todd: “ That ‘s non how it works.

”Neil: “ Well, bury how it works. What if they said it was okay? ”Todd: “ What are you gon na travel up and inquire them? No Neil. ”Neil: “ I will be right back.

” aˆ¦ ( 30:47 )In this scene, Neil pushes Todd to take part in the Dead Poets Society meeting. He could hold merely allow him be entirely but he wants him to come: he cares for him. Neil reproduces with Todd the same type of relationship that exists between Mr Keating and himself: He listens to his friend and attempts to assist him the same manner Mr Keating listens and attempts to assist Neil. Neil possibly recognizes himself in Todd as a diffident male child who does non make bold to talk his heads. Indeed, Neil behaves the same manner when he is in forepart of his male parent. Neil knows excessively much this feeling of “ failing ” and merely can non allow his friend like this.Finally Neil becomes a leader in his friends ‘ group thanks to his fascinated, enthusiastic and dynamic personality. He pushes his friends to reconstruct the Dead Poet Society which makes him go a leader.

vitamin E ) Neil ‘s leading

Based on the features of his personality as described above viz. passion, enthusiasm and energy, we can state that Neil is a magnetic leader. He is the instigator of the re-launch of the Dead Poets Society and he has been able to pass on his energy to the other male childs. Furthermore he represents a theoretical account particularly for Todd.

He is besides an entrepreneurial leader. Indeed, he is a hazard taker who does non waver to interrupt regulations. Indeed, he rebuilds a society that is unauthorised and must stay secrete. He besides writes a false missive to function his aim which is drama in a play: he dares to take enterprises.He is besides a relational leader who cares about developing the others ‘ accomplishments peculiarly with Todd as we have explained in the above subdivision.

degree Fahrenheit ) Neil ‘s development

“ Leadership is a functioning relationship that has the consequence of easing human development. ” – Ted Ward -Mr Keating ‘s leading has revealed Neil ‘s personality: It evolves throughout the movie. At first, we discover a individual with an erased personality in forepart of the household ‘s authorization.

Thankss to Mr Keating, Neil is traveling to develop his self-awareness and freedom of head. This new consciousness will take him to place himself as leader in his friends ‘ group. Neil so becomes more passionate and moony. He fulfills his passion for play thanks to the assurance he has developed.

However, this personal development will non assist him to talk up his head to his male parent because he likely realizes that there is a excessively large difference between his male parent ‘s outlooks and his ain 1s. He believes that communicating with his male parent is merely non possible and that he has no solution, but suicide.

Todd Anderson

Where he comes from

Todd is a new pupil at Welton.

His brother was himself a pupil at Welton before. Todd ‘s brother was one of the finest pupils and is remembered in everyone ‘s memory as an first-class pupil. As the Director of the School meets Todd for the first clip, he says to Todd that he will hold “ large places to make full ” . When Todd is introduced to Neil ‘s friends, one of them instantly refers to his brother ‘s success: “ you are that Anderson! Valedictorian, National Merit Scholar ” ( 07:05 ) . The strong image of his successful brother is hard to get by with for Todd. Todd depreciates himself. This likely comes from the fact that his parents are wholly focused on his brother and non sufficiently on Todd. For case, each twelvemonth Todd gets the same nowadays from his parents for his birthday.

As a consequence, Todd feels like “ abandoned ” by his parents. He feels like an “ foreigner ” .This may exemplify the psychodynamic leading theory: The parents have an influence on their kids ‘s leading when they are grown.

Todd ‘s brother likely has had the regard and assurance of his parents as the older boy, which helped his development and success. Todd, the younger male child, likely has had less attending from his parents which has resulted in his deficiency of assurance.When he arrives at Welton, his household environment, and more particularly his brother, is a heavy load to get by with for Todd.

Todd ‘s personality

Todd is diffident and introvert. He does non experience comfy with others. He does non take any enterprises to do friends, but merely responds to enterprises made by Neil and his friends. He is frequently on his ain, analyzing at his desk.

Todd lacks assurance and does non desire to be noticed in a manner or another. For case, when Neil offers him to be portion of the Dead Poets Society, Todd says “ no, noaˆ¦ Keating said that everybody took bends reading and I do non desire to make that ” ( 30:58 ) . He does non desire Neil to inquire the other male childs if they would hold on the fact that Todd would non read. This shows that he wants to be crystalline to others. He besides has some self-awareness as he points out his failings to Neil: “ I am non like you Neil, you say things and people listen, I am non like that ” ( 45:49 ) .Todd sticks to the regulations purely “ that is how it works ” ( 31:20 ) he says about the regulations of the Dead Poets Society. He does non research creativeness and is so non able to look at options different from the bing model.

For Todd, the authorization of the grownups ( parents, manager and instructors ) prevails over everything else. When Neil wants to compose a ‘false ‘ missive assuming his male parent ‘s signature, Todd says that it is impossible to make that. Alternatively, he tries to convert Neil to inquire his male parent the right to be in a drama. In making this, he tries to protect Neil from any serious job with his male parent: “ he will kill you if he finds out you went to an hearing and did non state him ” ( 44:38 ) .

On the one manus, due to his personality and household context, Todd does non make bold things. He is really inactive and conformist. On the other manus, he is cautious and does non take any inconsiderate hazards.

Todd ‘s relationships

Todd develops a strong friendly relationship with Neil.

He admires his friend who has personal appeal, vision and creativeness. Todd is considered by Neil, which is something Todd had lacked so far as his parents have been focused on his brother merely.Todd seems to see Neil as a wise man: He can speak with him of personal troubles, and acquire boosted by Neil. Todd besides tries to anneal Neil who is non ever witting of the hazards he is taking.Todd feels really uncomfortable in Keating ‘s category. He is feared, “ in torment ” , when he is asked to give a “ barbarian yawp ” or asked to “ state ” a verse form. Mr Keating boosts him in a manner that Todd breaks all his ain barriers, goes beyond his ain bounds and expresses his feelings.

Todd was taken by Mr Keating from his comfort zone to his stretch zone. Thankss to this, Todd realizes that he can make things he foremost thought he was incapable of.Todd ‘s relationships with Neil and Mr Keating have a really of import impact on Todd ‘s development as a leader.

“ Birth ” of a leader

Todd is really affected by Neil ‘s decease. The Director of the school blames Mr Keating for it. Mr Keating is so dismissed from Welton. For Todd, this intervention is unjust.

As Mr Keating comes in the schoolroom to roll up his personals before go forthing Welton, Todd acts as a strong leader: he stands up on his tabular array and many other male childs do the same. For the first clip, Todd dares to clearly demo his strong dissension and choler towards the Management of the School, and his full support to Mr Keating. Todd has initiated and showed to the others a way to follow. Making this, he defies the authorization of the Director of the school, based on what he things is right.

For the first clip, he does non concentrate on making the things right, but does the right things.“ Management is making things right, Leadership is making the right things ” – Warren Bennis and Peter DruckerIn Todd ‘s instance, larning from Neil and Mr Keating has allowed him to develop the necessary tools to be a leader, such as assurance. This may exemplify the accomplishments theoretical account theory, harmonizing to which leading is developed through the addition of accomplishments and experience. It is besides to be noted that Todd experiences leading for the first clip on a really peculiar state of affairs, which is Neil ‘s decease. If the state of affairs had non been so dramatic, possibly he would hold experienced leading later in his life. Todd ‘s leading came out in a specific state of affairs, which can besides exemplify the theory harmonizing to which leading comes up due to eventualities.


In the old parts of this study, we have seen that the different characters of the film have their ain type of leading:-transactional and autocratic leading for Mr Nolan and Mr Perry ;-charismatic, enterprisers and airy leading for Mr Keating ;-natural leading for Charlie Dalton ;-charismatic, enterprisers and relational leading for Neil Perry ;-contingency and developed through experience leading for Todd Anderson.

We have so focused on single leadings. However, single leading is non the lone one leading that can be underlined in this film. Indeed, there is besides a corporate leading that can be pointed out really clearly: it is the leading of the group of pupils that will re-launch the Dead Poets Society. From the beginning of the movie, we can see that this group of pupils has their ain freedom of idea. For case, they have in secret renamed the four Pillars of the school as “ Travesty, Horror, Decadence, Excrement ” .We can speak about a corporate leading because the male childs as a group are motivated by a common intent which is the re-launch of the Dead Poets Society.

This common undertaking strengthens their relationships with each other. Their operation is based on solidarity. They provide attention and support to each other. For case, Knox, one of the male childs of the group that is in love with a miss who is already engaged, gets the support and advice of his friends. As portion of the Dead Poets Society, they frequently do non state “ I ” separately, but “ We ” as a group.The group ‘s undertaking to re-launch the Dead Poets Society is a beginning of exhilaration and passion for them because it is about poesy but non merely. Indeed, the re-launch of the Dead Poets Society is besides a manner for them to be portion of an unauthorised and secrete nine that is contrary to the autocratic regulations and rules they are supposed to follow at Welton. This manner, they act as free work forces, which is exactly what Mr Keating is learning them.

This corporate leading is illustrated by the fact that the group makes their ain determinations and regulations. They decide all together if some of the original regulations of the Dead Poets Society can be changed. For case, one of the original regulations of the Dead Poets Society states that everybody takes turn in reading. The group adapts the regulations so that Todd who does non desire to read, is non obliged to make so.

Their scheme is to stay secrete, in order to avoid exclusion from the school.As a decision, we can state that this film does non merely demo different types of leading but besides different signifiers of leading ( single and corporate ) .In this decision, we besides have decided to discourse the influence of Mr Keating on the group of friends and more peculiarly on Neil and Todd.As we have showed in this study, Mr Keating was a usher for Neil. However, as we besides pointed out, Neil ne’er questioned Mr Keating ‘s mentality. This was because Neil was convinced that Mr Keating ‘s vision was the right 1. Possibly this was besides because Neil did non hold sufficient experience to see the bounds of Mr Keating ‘s vision that is to state a vision excessively much different from the environment and values of the school and Neil ‘s household.

For this ground, we can believe that Mr Keating should hold been more careful in presenting his message and vision to the pupils. Possibly his message was excessively idealistic and non adequate realistic given the environment in which the pupils evolved.But possibly at the terminal of the twenty-four hours, his message was anyhow better than the one based on rigorous order and subject delivered by the Management of the school to the pupils. Indeed, we can see in the film that Mr Keating ‘s vision and methods had a positive impact on several pupils and more peculiarly on Todd. Mr Keating taught the male childs that they must bask life and act as free work forces.

This allowed Todd to be a strong leader at the terminal of the film. He decided on his ain to make what he thought to be the right thing based on his ain freedom of idea.“ If your actions inspire others to woolgather more, learn more, make more and go more, you are a leader. ” – John Quincy Adams


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