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In the UK, the courts have had an increasing confidence to challenge the Supremacy of Parliament. This is because they are gradually shifting towards a similar role to that of the courts in the US Constitution. This is evident by the fact they are increasingly upholding constitutional principles which Parliament has tried to breach.  The US

It be why Burrows argued that ‘[t]he law

It should be pointed out right at the beginning that there is no complete definition of consideration in the English law, the only definition stems from case law which some would say makes it subjective. It goes without saying that the doctrine has a very narrow scope making it a rather confusing body of rules,

First to establish rule of law. The second

Firstand foremost, rule of law is one of the branch of Constitutionalism. Rule oflaw encompasses the basic principles of equal  and fair treatment of all people before thelaw which actually guarantees the basic human rights1. (“The rule of law explained”,2018)  The rule of law require thesupremacy of law including all law to meet a certain


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