The initial diagram of the three planes

The three different crystallographic planes shown are for a unit cell of a hypothetical metal. I have completed this question based on the assumption that each of the planes is rectangular. Therefore, the angles between each of edges of the planes must equal 90o. Each of the plane dimensions must completely be enclosed by the

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Difference between X-ray photoelectric effect and photoelectric effect produced by light: the energy of X-rays phptons is essentially higher as commpared with light photons; high enough to eject electrons from inner shells the process of ejecting inner-shell photoelectrons is connected with generation of new X-ray photons – here energy necessary to eject electrons from an

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               Paragraph 1.1 Introduction ·         Thesis statement1.      Human rights offer universal protection because Human Rights are defined as: ” inalienable, self-evident , and applicable to all humans” (Fagan, 2009, P.51),  this definition  illustrates that Human Rights do offer universal protection because the rights can be applied to every individual just by virtue of them  having the

Introduction heard by the House of Lords are

Introduction to Statutory interpretationStatutoryinterpretation is the process in which Judges attempt to interpret variousdifferent acts of Parliament; over 75% of cases that are heard by the House ofLords are in-fact concerned with statutory interpretation1. Statutoryinterpretation is simply the process of reading and then applying variousstatutory laws, judges will often attempt to decipher the intention ofparliament

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There are many ways to evaluate Law and Sentences on specificnon-fatal offences, one way in doing so is looking at the criticisms ofnon-fatal offences. The first criticism is the language of the laws being old(in the Act itself) as well as confusing. For example, in GBH section 20 and 18it uses terms such as “Malicious”

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Tunis – African country|national capital|port}ia more than on weekday it had been allowing Emirates Airline flights to the country already adscititious already awkward them after clamor over aegis measures by the United Arab Emirates targeting capital of capital of Tunisiaiaian girls. Tunisia delayed flights by the Dubai-based carrier on Gregorian agenda ages twenty four already girls

Conduction conduction, convection relies on fluid currents to

Conduction and convection both transfer heat but in theirown unique way firstly conduction requires a direct contact with the moleculesto allow heat transfer and conduction occurs not only in metals but also inliquids as well. In comparison with convection this method of transferring heatwhich takes place in all fluids which include the heat passing through

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Introduction Demand and supply is possibly one of the major economic concepts and the backbone of free market economy. Demand is the quantity of services or products needed by consumers (Mankiw, 2012). The amount of products desired at a particular price is referred as quantity demanded; the relationship between quantity demanded and price is referred

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Oman: The Arab League’s Foreign Ministers have agreed to continue efforts to recognize Palestinians as separate states, and a diplomatic campaign will begin soon.According to details, the Foreign Ministers meeting of six Arab countries in Oman last week has been decided that the Arab League will continue its efforts to recognizePalestinians as an independent state in the United Nations. Jordan’s Foreign Minister Ehsud Safadi said that the Palestinians would have the final throne of East Jerusalem on which Israel has established a forced occupation since 1967.A statement by President Donald Trump declaring Jerusalem to recognize Israel’s capital and transferring the US embassy to the Jerusalem. So Arab League has made many decisions ‘Remember that this decision by Donald Trump has left in one


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