Law intrigues me.The development inthe law and the way it adapts to an ever changing society has fascinates meextensively. I have always been a determined and fengrossment person. I have a broadinterest in law subject. I am at my best when challenged, have the skills tomanipulate evidence and enjoy evaluating the microcosm of human relations.

            Since 16, Istarted to have interest in my History subject. To deepen my knowledge, Idecided to forgo my science subjects and choose art subjects in my college. Ihave improved my understanding of the law by taking Economics, Law andMathematics in A-Level. The combination of subjects has developed my skills ofarguing, analysis and evaluation that are significant when studying law.            With regardsto Economics, I learned the way how business economics so appropriately blendsin with daily issues. I have able to view many economics analytically and makesuggestions regarding relevant improvements and current affairs. Next, for Law,I enjoy learning different aspects field of Law, how the English Legal Systemoperates and influence the society. I enjoy taking up pleasure in undergoingwork which raises up social issues and requires the skill to present persuasivearguments.

A good lawyer requires good decision making skills and have aprofound insight of current issues, thus I took Mathematics. It gave me a financial sense regarding the futureeconomics and accustomed me to a logical approach in solving problems.             After completing A-Level, I haveundertaken work experience in a company named Tricor (Services).

I have learnedwealth of local knowledge to provide expert advice on setting up and doingbusiness. It provides me wide range of integrated training, advisory servicesincluding in the field of secretarial, administration, audit, law advisory andmore.              During high school, I participated in numbersof extra-curricularactivities.

I had the privilege of becoming head oflibrarian. Through this, I had the chances of giving speeches to mycontemporaries from others schools. I also chaired the Student Council where Ihad actively organised numbers of my school’s welfare, stage performanceevents, delegated workloads and took expeditions with my teammates representingthe school as an ambassador.            Atthe university, I joined A-Level Students Club. I met new people from differentparts of the world. By joining several events, I gained new experiences andbecome an independent person and understand the importance of teamworks.Academically, I was awarded by A-Level Department for achieving the “Best LawStudent” award for my entire intake.

My desire to study law has firmly rootedin my mind.          Besidesthis, I enjoy swimming and exercising to loosen up. I may not be amongst thebest in sports, I do practice from time to time to maintain overall physicaland mental health. I understand the significance of dedication and diligence inour life.

Law may seem to be extremely difficult and challenging but I’mpassionate and confidence in overcoming all the problems, despite the obviouschallenge.            Myability to motivate myself is a key factor in my overall success. From myexperiences thus far, I feel I will be suited for law degree. I always workhard to the best of my ability in order to achieve my goals and develop thecareer that I wish for.

My personal qualities, academically and socially wellequipped, ability to apply myself to studies, hobbies and extra-curricularactivities build me an appropriate candidate as a law student. I hope that youwill award me with the privilege of an offer from your university for my chosencourse.


I'm Erica!

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