Last fall the Supreme Court of Canada decided to fulfil class strength andthe other requirements of the schools which lead the district into huge troubleas after this decision they had to hire 3000 teachers to accomplish the orderdecided.

They were in search of teachers who could teach number of classes likemath, science, computer, French and special education. Though there was ananother big issue for them that was allotting the classrooms as the class sizeneeds to be low now, such that they had to convert computer labs intoclassrooms and created many portable schools for the year.However recruitment strategies were in process to hire the bestcandidate as soon as possible, which was challenging as it has been never donebefore. They were getting applicants from other provinces, and the people withBC teacher certificate from out of the country and hired the retired teachers aswell. Though it was really hard for them to check qualification and referencesof every single candidate which takes lot of time and put more pressure on thehiring staff. British Columbia has high rental prices with lower income as everybodysome loans going on which leads the ministry of education to increase the wageand helped them with removing the education fee from  teachers to improve their skills or to getmore qualified which requires them stay longer in the province and in the sameoccupation as well.I totally agree with recruitment strategy they used and were almost successfulin this challenging situation, as they have taken so many good decisions orsteps to accomplish their hiring process of many teachers in less number oftime.

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Including the decision to do hike in the teacher’s salary or wage fromthe beginning which will motivate many people to get into the job, however asthey asked the ministry for forgiveness of student loan for teachers to developtheir skills which could turn into a bad decision later as this can turn somany full time teachers to part time employees thus could create the same situationin future. In my opinion I would say that the ministry should put the limit on ageto forgiveness of loan or else they could get into the same problem again.As we know that the strategic recruitment is considered with two factorswhich are external factors and internal factors.

The external factor isassociated with four sub- factors includes, the labour market, economicclimate, laws and regulations and the competition. Though the internal factorsinclude the mission statement, organizational, values, strategic goals. All the Schoolsboard/ district has same vision, values and goals. They dedicated to students success,the advancement of connection with, dynamic students and involved, capablesubjects is the essential main factor in each part of day by day activities andfuture planning. They are collaborative as the staff, guardians and group workin trust to guarantee to give a world-class instructive experience and safecondition customized to the one of a kind requirement and objective of each andevery student. Main thing associated with schools are the innovation such thatanyone could know how creative or innovative their child could be, esteem, support and regard inventive waysto deal with instruction and imaginative answers for challenges anticipate thatstaff will step up with regards to stay momentum on best practices while expandingon an establishment of research and information. Though every school has thesimilar but their staff makes them great and put them side from other schoolsby showing how passionate their staff is which ensures the quality of studyprovides from the school.

Implementingdiversity recognize and commend assorted variety and attest the significance ofour regular humankind, they viewpoints, societies and encounters as an entrywayto teaching youngsters about their parts in their communities and worldwidesociety. On the other hand after considering their values and goals they madejob description which allows the job analysis to verify and gather all the informationabout the duties and requirements to be fulfil to become a professional teacherand get hired by any school such that the job description includes, Making use of audio-visual high-techdevices(such as means of communication aids; projectors) and other adaptationsduring the delivery of the lessons; Teaching according to the educational requirements,abilities and realization of the specific students and groups of students; Sharingin any believable and practical way in the effective management, order anddiscipline of the school; similarly the teachers job description has the numberof duties to describe the role of teacher. The recruitment is associated with two traditional recruitment sourcewhich includes the internal recruitment and external recruitment. Internal candidatesgives the known people to the organization. They are more motivated and thustends to have more job satisfaction but it has it drawback as well which statesthat it may lead to a workforce which is diversified and it takes a lot of timeto find a right candidate as the internal applicants are evaluated  before than the external candidates  The sources to attract internal candidates areinternal job posting, in this process the organization use to post jobvacancies on their bulletin boards, ads in company’s newsletter, announcement inthe meeting or the paper circulated in the required department. The process canbe done through nomination as well as in this the other employee nominatessomeone who meets all the criteria and the job requirements especially theKSAOs. I would recommend this strategy as most of teacher has friend of theirsame profession such they could help the district for applicant pool and couldcreate the opportunity for many people.

The external candidates can be attracted by giving job advertisementwith requirements of the job and it should answer all the question for thepeople so that no one could waste their time and money in the hiring process. Thequestion related to the are- whom they are trying to reach? how large isapplicant pool? number of vacancies? The closing dates to apply for the job?. Mostimportant thing in job advertisement is to determine the use of media in theircampaign which should be reach to the maximum people to select the best for theorganization. The advertisement could be possible placed in a newspaper andthis helps to find the person who is in real need of a job and is doing the jobsearch. Walk ins are for the job seeker who visits to an organization and asksto fill out an application form with resumes and are ready for interview at thattime itself.

This method is inexpensive there is less expense occurred throughthe company and the applicant themselves came to organization. Or else theoutsourcing could be the better way too that the organization could hire give acontract to an employment agencies, as in Canada we have Service Canada whoallows to provide no charge access to both the parties(employer and theemployee). Recruitment can be done in educational institutions also as theorganization could plan a campaign or an event in the institution to invite thecandidates in the easiest way, it is consider as the best opportunity for bothof them as this will help the employer to find a candidate at place and nothave to do more research and for the employee it could be best option for thestart of their career.  For the district/schoolboard I would recommend them to use this approach to get the large applicantpool by using newspaper media as other sources could not be much useful forfinding an applicant for this profession. Though external recruitment will makethe schools more diversified, thus it will help schools to transfer it valuesand goals to students in effective manner and create the beautiful and creativemind.

These small things can bring the revolutionary change against many socialissues.The factors that could attract aneligible and the required candidate could done by telling everything about theorganization (eg. Location, size, industry, values, image, reputation,operational environment, etc.) which creates the interest in the candidate toapply and to get the job, however the teachers may consider the location mainlyas the other are similar for maximum institutions as everybody has everything differentto say through their experience. As were being hired for British Columbia,where the rental accommodation is higher in consideration to the wage rate for whichthe application was given to the Ministry Of Education to raise the salary forteacher and to forgive their student loan, which will make them interested tostudy further and to polish their skills.

The values that would be representedto the internal candidates would not make much difference for them as theyalready know so much about the organization, familiar with the processes,goals, vision and ‘way of doing things’. For the external candidates they shouldconsider value of quality education in the name of school to maintain thegoodwill and provided with all the opportunities without any difference,the innovative hopeful has the ability to keep ongrowing into future developments and therefore does not block a modificationway to the most senior positions of authority. Now it is the recruitment staffduty to select the best applicants from the applicant pool with the organizationfit, means It is frequently utilized as employing supervisors can use toclarify the applicants values, qualities and methods for working with otherindividuals either do or don’t fit into that specific association’s method, oris an employee really motivated and wanted to work with the association for thelonger period of time.


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