Large organizations such as Amazon, Switch,Cisco, and many others have a lot of routers and switches that run on theirnetworks. When many people are working within the same organization,communication is essential, which allows connecting to other employees andcustomers. By setting up an Intranet, routers and switches need to beconfigured so that they match the requirements of the company and improvesecurity and productivity.

Switches will allows the connectivity betweenmultiple end devices on the same network. It helps connect computers, printers,and many other devices, making it easier to share resources with each other. Mostnetworks that companies have use the OSI model when communication systems needto be monitored. This model also consists of seven layers that help transmit andreceive data among a network. Within the network, reliable protocols areapplied to routers and switches to increase network performance and security.

According to Cisco, “Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) was developed toallow administrators to manage nodes such as servers, workstations, routers,switches and security appliances on an IP network” (Cisco Networking Academy).This protocol helps monitor networks and gathers information to manage thenetwork. Just simple and basic configurations like putting in passwords canprotect routers and switches from unauthorized people wanting access. Largecorporations use routing and switching elements to send and receive data andvoice communication, even if there are multiple branches of that company withdifferent locations (Cisco Networking Academy). Managing a corporation can becomplex and sophisticated if many routers and switches are being usedconsistently. There should be frequent check up every week or so to see if theeverything is running in good condition without any security problems. Withmany options to improve security, there should be regular maintenance on themanagement of networks and devices that will further help a company growwithout experiencing issues in the future.



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