Kudzu is an infective plant that takes over any piece of soil that it touches. Especially in the south, kudzu affects almost everyone with a slightly big piece of land. Kudzu is a contagious vine that originated in Japan, and was brought over by boat. In the south, kudzu is a struggle, but in the eastern world kudzu is used for medicines and treatments for headaches and migraines. The root is also used for helping with sinus problems and can help with cancer treatmentsIn the early 1900’s, before it was discovered that kudzu was an infective weed and vine, farmers used kudzu for helping with eroded farmland for a certain price. The usual price for kudzu per acre was about eight dollars.

Soon after, farmers discovered that kudzu was not just a vine for curing eroded farmlands, they found out it was a very contagious vine that takes over land and cannot be burned or cut. Even though kudzu is a struggle to deal with, this plant be used for a plethora of useful items. Kudzu can be used for clothing, basket weaving, and artwork projects because of the plant’s hard, sturdy vines. It can also be used for treatments for allergies, low or high blood pressure, tinnitus, and it can be used for detoxifying the human liver.

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Weirdly enough, kudzu can be used to make jellies and jams because of the purple flower the vine produces at the end of each stem.This vine is so hard to kill, that there is only one way to kill it. Auburn University has done tons of research for creating a herbicide powerful enough to rid the south of this vine. The only problem with the herbicide though is that the herbicide needs multiple applications before the vine is killed without leaving a trace or any seeds. The kudzu plant is so hard to kill, and it grows so fast to keep up with.

It can grow one foot overnight, and its stems san sprout up ro sixty feet every season.Kudzu is a plant far from its country that ended up taking over the south. Hopefully in the future, scientists can find a more effective herbicide so we can take back our land that we have lost from this vine. Kudzu Kudzu is so infective to our land that they call it “the vine that took the south.”


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