Knowyour wrinkles before you get the treatment for wrinkles in Delhi Cosmetic procedures for reducing the occurrenceof wrinkles have become common these days. Wrinkles can result on those bodyparts which are usually more exposed and opened to sunlight.

The UV rays of suncan create an effect on your skin that appears wrinkled, cracked and aged. Whilewrinkles are a common term, most people do not know that the depth of these linesacross your face and body can also have health repercussions. That is why therearises the need of treatment forwrinkles in Delhi. Classificationof wrinklesBefore you get the treatment fromspecialists, it is important to understand that wrinkles can be divided orclassified into two broad categories, viz. deep furrows and fine surface lines.

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The deep furrows are rooted much deeper in your skin and may not be done awaywith just a few medications. These wrinkles require much aggressive proceduresand techniques for reverse aging effect. These kinds of wrinkles are a directindication of aging because they occur due to muscle contraction. On the other hand, fine surface lines, asthe name suggests are just creases on the surface of your skin.

These kinds ofwrinkles occur due to over exposure to sunlight and its ultraviolet rays. Thetreatment for surface lines wrinkles generally is seen to be more successfulthan the former one. Some of the kinds of wrinkles can occur dueto other factors such as environmental reasons or pigmentation, heredity and lifestylechoices, such as smoking. Yourtreatment optionsYou have a myriad of treatment options athand. While we can tell you about the basic treatments available, your clinicfor treatment for wrinkles in Delhican best suggest the one that suits you. Some of the topical medications caninclude moisturizer, antioxidants, alpha hydroxy acids and Vitamin A.

Apartfrom this, there are certain invasive procedures for aggressive wrinkles andthese include Botox, laser resurfacing, glycolic acids peels, dermabrasion and peels.If you are looking for the best option for treatment for wrinkles in Delhi you cancheck with Dermalife, a South Delhi based clinic for your comprehensive skinand hair care. 


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