Kids in the Mall: Growing Up Controlled The essay Kids in the Mall: Growing Up Controlled, was written by William Severini Kowinski. Kowinski is examining the reasons for “mall culture” in this essay that he took from his book The Malling of America.

Kowinski uses certain tones, word choice, and ordering is his essay to make it more appealing for his audience. The tone of the essay Kids in the Mall: Growing Up Controlled, is one of the keys to pulling off a good appealing essay. Then there is the word choice Kowinski goes with which goes with the tone he uses a little and makes it easier to read and more appealing to his readers.Last there is the order in which Kowinski explains the essay and makes his points. The tone of the essay Kids in the Mall: Growing Up Controlled, is on a more casual note; Kowinski is not too serious or to sarcastic in the essay. Kowinski talks about serious things in his essay such as the time when he says “They may have smoked their first cigarette or first joint or turned them down,” (102) although the tone that he uses when he is talking about these things is on more of a casual level.

When he does this he draws the attention of his audience by it being relatable. He makes it easy for the average person to read and understand. The tone throughout the essay stays on the same casual level and also when reading about this it makes the whole thing not that big of a deal. Many of us know this stuff probably happens at the mall because we have all been kids and we know what goes on at the mall. By keeping a casual tone when writing the essay, Kowinski is almost just making his audience aware of something that they are already aware of.The word choice used in Kowinski’s, Kids in the Mall: Growing Up Controlled essay, is kept somewhat simple. Kowinski does not use excessively enormous words throughout his essay he keeps it simple to the point where any average person will be able to pick up his essay and be able to read it without having a Webster’s dictionary right next to them.

He did however use a few slang words in his essay such as when he was talking about kids smoking their first joint this could be a little unprofessional, but most people will know what he is referring to.Although the whole essay is not just little kid words he does use a good range of vocabulary that you may have had to attend school to understand, but for the most part the average human should be just fine when reading this essay. When reading you will probably come along the word adolescent many times which I think could have been used less other than that he uses many different words. The word choice goes perfect with the essay because of how it helps with keeping the casual type of tone he has throughout the essay and still shows his knowledge on the fact.The order in which Kowinski writes his essay is the more negative things and harmful effects at the beginning of the essay and then towards the end switches to the other side and talks about the positive effects.

In the beginning of the essay he talks about all of the bad things that could happen to kids when their parents just leave them at the mall alone. For example he starts off his essay with a quote that talks about an experience a kid had about his parents leaving him at the mall because they had other things to do.This shocks people when reading it and makes people think it is a horrible thing to leave your kids at the mall. He says things like they could lose their virginities in the mall parking lot, he also talks about how kids being in the mall for these long periods of time can change the ways of their family life, their sexual mores, and their social ramifications. Then when skipping over to the end of the essay he starts putting more positive effects that could happen from leaving kids at the mall, also that it might not be such a bad place after all to leave kids when parents have to work.Kowinski says, “The mall itself may very well be an education about the future” (104).

so he does have good things to say about leaving your kids at the mall. The reason for Kowinski putting the positive effects that can accrue from leaving parents leaving kids at the mall is to persuade the readers that it really is not such a bad thing to leave your kids at the mall. I think Kowinski did a great job in how he used his rhetorical devices when writing this essay. I could see this essay being relatable to many kids and parents throughout the nation and maybe the world by the way he wrote it.

It was diffidently a fun essay to read and I do agree with him that the mall is not such a bad place to leave your kid rather than home alone; especially when parents only have the choice of home or the mall by far they can learn much more at the mall, whether or not it is good or bad stuff they are learning is up to the kid. It was hard for me to relate to when reading the essay because of the fact that I don’t live in a suburb although for the most part many people have an idea of what goes on at the mall and can relate themselves to it.


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