KEY CONSIDERATIONSSite relocation requires the need for practical and experienced support to plan and assist in the execution of the transition.

PM PROjEN is a nationally recognised Project Company with proven experience of factory/site relocations.Relocations require a specialised and experienced team to ensure that they run effectively and efficiently. Failure to execute a factory relocation in a planned and cohesive manner could be catastrophic for a business and as such it represents one of the highest risk activities that a client can facePM PROjEN can carry out the planning required to ensure a smooth change from existing to new, with minimal disruption to the rest of the business.The requirement for attention to risk management, clear project definition and planning cannot be overstated; these factors are at the heart of our factory relocation approachSuccessful site relocation specialists such as PM PROjEN will always recognise the need to maintain continuity of service to customers and cause as little disruption as possible to the business in terms of its customers, employees and other stakeholders.PROjEN ensures that all relocation projects are delivered through adopting a staged approach to the development, planning and implementation phases.

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Key elements of our approach includes:-Establish a clear set of objectives & strategiesAt the heart of this is the development of an assignment execution plan, a project quality plan, a communication strategy (internal and external) and the assignment of responsibilities to the key stakeholders.Project definition, planning and risksKey to the success is the establishment of a common understanding of what the relocated facility will comprise of. This is distilled into a User Requirement Specification (URS) for approval by all stakeholders. Once approved, the URS will be used as the basis for defining the costs, programme and risks.Facility requirementsWhere there is a requirement to relocate or modify the facility, we can take on the responsibility for any/all planning and environmental permitting aspects, either totally or in support of the client’s team.Design and ConstructionAs a multi-disciplined Engineering and Project Management business, we take on all elements of the required designs to allow the relocation to take place. This includes taking responsibility for all Health and Safety aspects, (including CDM 2015 requirements).

TransitionAll of the above activities count for nothing if there is not a carefully considered and executed transition plan in place. We will create, manage and execute the transition from the existing operation to the new / revised facility.Testing and CommissioningWe establish testing / commissioning plans and methodologies early in the relocation project planning phase and we can provide and/or supervise commissioning resource managed by our experienced Project & Construction Managers. This phase of the project is often carried out by a team comprising of PM PROjEN Engineers and the client’s operations team working collaboratively to get the new facility into production safely and efficiently.Site Decommissioning and Disposal (Existing)We can manage all aspects of any decommissioning required along with dealing with any residual environmental issues that may arise.

Factory Relocation projects are complex activities with multiple stakeholders and interfaces to manage. We advocate early engagement on a confidential basis to allow us to influence and ‘shape’ the process from the very start. Our style is to integrate with client and effectively operate as an extension of their own Management / Engineering teams.If you would like to know more about this service, please use the ‘Online Enquiries’ button at the top of the page or call us on +44 1928 752 500 and speak to a member of our Business Development Team.


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