Julius Caesar was one of the greatest generals in world history.  Brutus and Mark Antony were his closest friends and confidants.  Caesar and Brutus both fought in the Roman Civil War.  Antony served as one of Caesar’s generals during the conquest of Gaul.  Brutus was his friend in the Senate, while Antony was his right-hand man.  Both men were loyal to Caesar and helped him with his conquest to improve Rome and expand the empire.  After Caesar’s death, both men preformed great speeches in front of the Roman citizens.  “Not that I loved Caesar less, but that I loved Rome more.”, Brutus explained to the Plebeians to tell them why he killed Caesar. However, Mark Antony was more effective in his funeral speech and clarified to the Plebeians all the wonderful improvements Caesar made to the Roman Empire and why Casear’s death was a tragedy. In Antony’s speech, he explained to the crowd that Caesar loved Rome and always put Rome first.  By using Ethos, Pathos, and Logos, Antony was a more persuasive speaker in convincing the Roman citizens to support his beliefs that the conspirators betrayed Rome.  “He was my friend, faithful and just to me…” (shakespeare 3.2.94), in this example of an etho, Antony expressed to the crowd that he knew Caesar and was a faithful friend, that was always just and true.  In order to show emotion, Antony effectively uses pathos in his funeral speech.  Antony showed the audience the body of Caesar, and where he was stabbed.  Antony referred to the wound that was made by Brutus as “the most unkindest cut of all” which proved that Caesar was betrayed by Brutus, of whom was the last person to stab Caesar.  Logos was another way Antony influenced the audience to believe that Caesar didn’t have to be killed.  When he showed the people of Rome Caesar’s will, it stated that every Roman citizen would be given 75 drachmas and half of his houses and orchards.  The will proved that Caesar loved Rome and its citizens, even in death, he put the empire first.  Antony’s speech proves that Julius Caesar loved and cared for Rome and if given the chance to become emperor, he would of used his power to improve the empire.  All throughout his speech, Antony tried to persuade the crowd to go against the members of the conspiracy.   He insulted the conspirators multiple times, calling them  “honorable men”.  Antony announced how Caesar brought back many captives to Rome which proved that Caesar won many wars.  With every war won the empire’s territory was expanded.  Antony made it a point, to remind the audience that when the poor were crying, Caesar cried with them.  This vows that Caesar took pity on the weary.  “You all did see that on the Lupercal.  I thrice presented him a kingly crown, which he did thrice refuse.” (Shakespeare 3.2.104-106), Antony exclaimed to the audience.   Meaning that on Lupercal, he tried to give Caesar the crown three times and all three times Caesar refused.  Antony insisted that the town’s people all witnessed Caesar refuse the crown.Both Brutus and Mark Antony gave very convincing speeches to the Roman citizens at Caesar’s funeral.  But, Antony’s speech was more effective and provided evidence to prove the extent of devotion Caesar had for the Roman Empire.  The Romans believed Antony and wanted to get revenge on the conspirators.    


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