John Milton’s Blindness John milton had a long life full of surprises. The english poet John Milton led a passionate life, an example of his poetry is “Oh His Blindness” which examines the theme of how by having a condition doesn’t make you (us) less of a person to us (you) or to God.John was born in December 9 1608 in Cheapside, London.

He died from natural causes in November 8, 1674 on England ground. His financial standing,  his father being John Milton Sr. and mother Sara Jeffrey Milton. He had an older sister named Anne, young brother named Christopher, and several siblings that died before childhood. Since young he started to write, he went to St.

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Paul School located in London, before changing to Christ’s College (Cambridge) where he graduated in 1629. He after moved to the university of Cambridge. In England 1654 he got himself into an agreement with the men of letters in Florence, Naples, Rome, Giovanni, Manson, Battista, Marquis of vila. In 1642 he was 34 and married his 1st wife Mary Powell she was just 17 when they got married, she left him after the wedding, but reunited to him 3 years after. He had 4 children before Mary died in 1652.

In 1656 he married Katherine Woodcock, who later died in 1658. With the execution of Charles in 1649 Milton entered the political fray with the tenure of kings and magistrates an assertion of the right of the people. He went to jail due to his role to the fall of Charles and rice of commonwealth. After prison he married Elizabeth Mynshull in 1662. He went blind completely by February of 1652. For the rest of his retirement he spent it around London peacefully. Milton centers “Oh His  Blindness” to focus mostly  on figurative language to show  his faith in God and fear.

He would fear being blinded could be a punishment but to later realize it wasn’t. His poem goes from tear to fustruation to acceptance. In the poem of  “Oh His Blindness” some people see light as the main point to which would make it be the interpretation of being able to see. But instead of deeply religious poem, inner light or spiritual capacity. The poem relates to the poet’s life a lot since he got blinded completely by 1652, so that inspired him to write. “Oh His Blindness” that’s based on him and how he pictures the world as he cannot see anymore. Also another example of how the poets life relates to the theme of the poem is after he went blind he didn’t stop writing he continued to write and publish.

Lastly the last example of how the poets life relates to a theme in the poem is he is a very religious person and he applied it to most of his poems just like he did in “Oh His Blindness”.John Milton has a very successful life, yes he has his ups and downs but in his ups or downs he would always do  one thing, write poetry. He wrote a lot of poetry but “Oh His Blindness” was one of his poems that really had an impact on many people and expressed how he felt at that time. His lingering legacy of John  Milton on “Oh His Blindness” takes a good effect in the world when people read his poem they realise how precious are the “gifts” that we have and don’t realize you have them till you lose them.


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