John D Rockefeller was the founder of standard oil. It allstarted with his parents from when he was younger.

His parents helped him in somany ways and led him down the right path, this helped him be a part of thebiggest company ever. He than became a billionaire and started the Standard OilCompany. His father was the main factor of helping him on his career with business.

His mom was the one who helped achieve many goals. Rockefeller was soon the captainof industry and lead one of the biggest companies ever.            Rockefellerwas known as one of the best and smartest businesses worker. He invented newthings like “quantity discount” which was charging people less, for buyingmore. This helped in many ways. It helped make people get his oil rather thanthe other businesses because people just thought it was a better price. Anotherfactor that helped Rockefeller was by him saving money and having a cheaper transportationcost.

He was doing very good with the business and If it wasn’t for him the businesswouldn’t be a thing. This than made his competitors pay a lot more for transportationcosts.            Rockefellerthan bought out his competitors. It made oil drop 32 cents in just 5 years. Hethen begun the Standard Oil Trust. He created the “trust” to be in control ofthe companies.

Later on, this was illegal and unfair due to him doing so goodin the market. Rockefeller could get the buyers to any price he wanted.Rockefeller was very clever with what he did and always knew a way aroundthings.            Rockefeller didn’tjust introduce many new ideas that made him more efficient and make hiscompetitors go to trash. He became the richest and larges company.

A Dartmouth professorthought of a way to refine the kerosene and he was then in that market. Rockefellermade a lot of his money after the combustion engine was invite due to the gasolineand machine oil need.  He was than setfor the big production when the very first care was released in 1887.

            Rockefellerwas for sure a captain of industry, He worked so hard to get where he got. He startedfrom such a young age which really helped him in the long run. His parents werea huge apart in his business being so successful as well. Standard Oil was usedall over the world for many years. He had over 90% of oil refinery capacityjust in the US. He defiantly deserves everything he earned because it was verymuch deserved.


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