Jessica Alexander of the Sleep Council Said “Sleep is absolutely essential to health and well-being ,”numerous reports in media that children and teenagers do not get enough sleep, the Sleep Council believes that sleep should be on every school’s agenda and this article describes what it is doing to help ‘sleep awareness’. According to US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of health (2013) In a study of health care screening among 121 primary care clinics, only 43% included sleep-related questions on their screening batteries compared with 100% for smoking and alcohol, 93% for healthy eating, and 86% for physical activity. Despite strong evidence of the relationship between insufficient sleep and health problems, most people are unaware of the amount of sleep they need, their level of sleep deprivation, and the negative impact of sleep deprivation on health. It is not clear why sleep is not included in health screenings, but it may be related to the clinician’s lack of knowledge of the importance of sleep. In addition, many health care providers do not counsel their patients about healthy sleep habits. In 2002, only 10% of primary care providers described their knowledge of sleep and sleep disorders as good. Because of lack of awareness, sleep is not commonly incorporated into public health approaches.

A free learning resource was given to schools nationally, with the point of showing in primary schools the significance of a decent night’s rest and factors it. Sleep awareness education project In March 2012, The Sleep Council launched their first-ever ‘sleep awareness’ education project in primary schools for its annual awareness event of National Bed Month. The Pillow Time survey in 2009 observed that 73% of respondents thought that student should study approximately the significance of an excellent night’s sleep. Com Lisa Artis The Sleep Council’s teaching resource ‘Better Brains with More Sleep’ 67 Education and Health Vol. The ‘sleep awareness’ initiative followed the results of a survey ‘Time to Learn’ of 250 primary school teachers conducted on behalf of The Sleep Council. As part of our ‘sleep awareness’ project we wanted to establish just how much of an issue lack of sleep has become among young students,” said Jessica. Sleep is something that every single one of us does without giving too much thought to how important a good bed is to a good night’s sleep.

The survey revealed that lack of sleep among Lisa Artis is the PR and Marketing Officer for The Sleep Council. 3, 2012 primary school children was having a shocking effect in schools with nine out The better Brains with greater Sleep makes a schools project a good way to contain pupils monitoring the sleep conduct of their parents as a way to positively also serve to remind them of how to make sure their children get a respectable night’s sleep if they’re to do nicely at faculty. According to the ‘Time To Learn’ survey, lack of sleep has become such a widespread issue in primary schools that nearly a quarter (24%) of the teachers questioned and admitted that they had to resort to letting children who are very tired sleep in a corner of the classroom. Said Jessica, “The resource pack is designed to teach pupils about the importance of a good bed and a good night’s sleep in a fun, informative and interactive way. Nearly nine out of 10 teachers (88%) felt that too many distractions in the bedroom (games machines, TVs etc) have been at the root of sleep associated issue and the fact that parents now days are truly not strict about enforcing bedtimes.


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