Jasper de Frias 22/11/2017GrenadaGrenada is found in the Caribbean.  It was funded in 3 March 1967 but it wasoriginally founded in 1498 by Christopher Colombes but left after killing allnatives on the island. The major religion there is Catholic Roman. The mainlanguage spoken there is English. The national dish is Down Oil which is aconcoction, it’s mainly made out of salted meat and breadfruit but it has someother ingredients.Grenada economy.

Grenada has a very unstable economy due its main exportbeing Nutmeg. If it gets a disease anytime it will drop down destroying theeconomy. This country also has a very bad economy as it’s based around plantsand fish with a very small amount of metals and refined goods. Majority of theimports is mostly factory goods like computers. This is because it has none of the materials to make it on island. MontserratMontserrat is found in the Caribbean. It was founded in 1632when a number of Irish men settled there. It was originally founded in 1493 byChristopher Colombes but he ended up leaving the island after finding nonatives.

The official langue of the island is English. The national dish is aGoat Water, a thick goat milk stew served with bread rolls. The main religionis Christianity.Montserrat economy.Montserrat has a very stable economy. It’s main export ismedical instruments. Due to that it is very stable as they can tell when theyare running low on the stuff to make it. There is also a lot of sand beingpushed out of the country.

  One of the biggestproblems they are facing right now is the exports is not meeting the importsand it off by around 10 million US dollars. It seems to have a lot of factoriesas gas turbines and computers seem to be a very big export. The economy ismostly built up of permanent goods instead of perishable goods making it morestable.GuadeloupeIt was founded in 1635 by the French but it was originallyfounded by Christopher Columbus in 1493. The official language is French.

Themain religion is Roman Catholic. The national dish is Creole and is made usingtaro, banana and plantain. It official counts as one country even though theyare separated which is one of the many things that make this places unique.       Guadeloupe economy.This has the most stable economy out of the other two onthis list. That because it relays on tourism and agriculture. The reason why it’s so stable is because it has abackup plan and is able to fall back to industry.

  It’s a very nice hot topical country meaningmany people come to visit making loads of money.              


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