James Madison also wrotethis paper. This federalist paper is about the separation of the differentbranches of government to lessen its power. This is so one branch of governmentdoesn’t have complete power over another. It separates the government into threeparts, the executive, legislative, and judiciary. It says that each branch thatis separate and can act on its own.

He says that separating the branches ofgovernment is how we can keep our freedoms. He says that the people have to letthe government do their job. President gets to choose the judges for thesupreme court. Although he has to for approval from senators when choosing a new person for the role. Branches ofgovernment don’t get to decide how much other branches get paid.

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Theconstitution prevents any one branch or specific person from having too muchpower over another. He mentions that it’s human nature, to want more power, andthere is nothing we can do to change that. This system prevents them fromgaining too much power. With checks and balances, the different branches ofgovernment can check and balance each other. The legislative branch is the mostpowerful, which is why it is split into the Senateand the house of representatives.

The members of the Senate are elected differently than the house of representatives.The executive branch has less power than the legislative branch, but it canveto legislation. This gives some powerto the executive branch and at the same time takes some power away from thelegislative branch. This is an example of those checks and balances. Hementions that we also must manage the power of political groups, as mentionedin Federalist Paper number 10. By breaking the government down into differentbranches, makes it a lot more difficult for majority political groups to form.

Hesays if a society always lets the majority win over the minority, it won’t workout. Therefore, the government is separated into different branches. It keepscitizens safe.


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