Jaden MartinBrendalEnglish 119 January 2018                                                            Ray BradburyRay Bradbury was elevating.  Elevating at what? He elevated writing and literature to a whole new level.   He was the author of many novels like Fahrenheit 51.

His stories and books elevated the genre of science fiction even though he did not consider himself a science fiction writer.   Ray Bradbury was born August 22, 1920 a month after his due date. He would later say he could remember his birth. As a young boy Ray became obsessed with reading. He would read anything he could get his hands on. He was born in Illinois but moved for a short period of time to Arizona, before settling in Los Angeles, California.

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He Graduated from high school in 1938.  He never got a formal education outside of high school. (New York Times)At the age of twelve he had a life changing encounter with a magician.

The magician’s name was Mr. Electrico. He touched Bradbury with an electric charged sword and said ” you will live forever.” This motivated Ray to start writing stories.( Biography video)When Ray Bradbury graduated from high school he applied for the military.

He was declined because of his eyesight. He started writing more instead. Bradbury could not support his family off of writing so he had to get a job. He started selling news papers. He did that until age 24 when he became a full time writer. He would publish his short stories in magazines instead.

He published his first success came in 1947 by a story called Homecoming a story about a boy who feels left out at his family reunion full of witches and other types of monsters like vampires and werewolves. This short story would also appear in a novel in 1950 called The Martian Chronicles which was a huge success. That is what jump started Ray Bradbury’s career. ( Biography video)Ray Bradbury’s best considered best book was written in 1951 called Fahrenheit 51. Fahrenheit is considered one of the greatest books in the science- fiction genre history. Which is odd because Ray Bradbury considered it a fiction book not a science fiction book. He wrote it in about a week. It is about A man namedl Montag is a fire warrior who devours books in a propelled American city.

In Montag’s world, fire contenders start fires as opposed to putting them out. The overall public in this overall population don’t read books, acknowledge nature, contribute vitality without any other person, think self-governingly, or have imperative exchanges. Or maybe, they drive snappy, watch outrageous measures of TV on divider assess sets, and tune in to the radio on “Seashell Radio” sets joined to their ears.

Montag encounters a sensitive seventeen-year-old young woman named Clarisse McClellan, who opens his eyes to the opportunity of his reality with her guiltlessly invading request and her unpredictable love of people and nature. All through the accompanying couple of days, Montag experiences a movement of irritating events. To begin with, his loved one, Mildred, attempts suicide by swallowing a container of napping pills.

By then, when he responds to a ready that an old woman has a hold of covered composition, the woman shocks him by being scorched alive nearby her books. A few days afterward, he hears that Clarisse has been killed by a speeding auto. Montag’s mistake with his life augmentations, and he begins to search for an answer in a hold of books that he has stolen from his own blazes and concealed inside a cooling vent.

Right when Montag fails to show up for work, his fire supervisor, Beatty, visits his home. Beatty illuminates that it’s run of the mill for a fire contender to encounter a time of considering what books convey to the table, and he passes on a dazing monolog revealing how books came to be limited regardless. As demonstrated by Beatty, specific vested gatherings and other “minorities” addressed books that insulted them. A little while later, books all began to have all the earmarks of being indistinguishable, as writers tried to swear off chargeable anybody. This was inadequate, in any case, and society with everything taken into account decided to simply devour books rather than permit conflicting conclusions.

Beatty encourages Montag to take twenty-four hours or so to check whether his stolen books contain anything advantageous and a while later hand them over for incineration. Montag begins a long and angry night of examining. Overwhelmed by the errand of examining, Montag looks for his life partner for help and support, be that as it may she lean towards TV to her significant other’s association and can’t appreciate why he would need to put it all out there of scrutinizing books. He remembers that he once met a surrendered English teacher named Faber sitting in an amusement focus, and he picks that this man may have the ability to empower him to appreciate what he scrutinizes. He visits Faber, who uncovers to him that the estimation of books lies in the bare essential awareness of life that they contain. Faber says that Montag needs books and additionally the diversion to examine them and the chance to catch up on their musings. Faber agrees to help Montag with his examining, and they set up a perilous arrangement to expel nothing new. Faber will contact a printer and begin reproducing books, and Montag will plant books in the homes of flame warriors to disrespect the calling and to obliterate the mechanical assembly of confinement.

Faber gives him a two-way radio earpiece the “green shot” with the objective that he can hear what Montag hears and banter with him quietly. Montag goes home, and soon two of his significant other’s buddies land to sit before the TV. The women look at their families and the war that will be articulated in an incredibly immaterial way.

Their detail chafes him, and he takes out a book of verse and examines “Dover Beach” by Matthew Arnold. Faber murmurs in his ear for him to be tranquil, and Mildred tries to clear up that the verse scrutinizing is a standard way for flame contenders to demonstrate the purposelessness of composing. The women are incredibly aggravated by the melody and leave to record a grievance against Montag. Montag goes to the fire station and hands more than one of his books to Beatty. Beatty dumbfounds Montag by flooding him with contradicting references from remarkable books. Beatty mishandle these intelligent irregularities to exhibit that written work is dreary and dangerously astounding, and that it justifies consuming.

Out of the blue, the alert sounds, and they surge off to answer the call, just to find that the alarm is at Montag’s own home. Mildred gets into a cab with her pack, and Montag comprehends that his own specific life partner has deceived him. Beatty powers Montag to expend the house himself; when he is done, Beatty places him caught. Exactly when Beatty continues blasting Montag, Montag turns the flamethrower on his preferred and proceeds over expend him to slag. Montag pounds the other fire warriors unaware and runs. The Mechanical Hound, a colossal machine that Beatty has set to attack Montag, hops and imbues Montag’s leg with a significant measurement of pain relieving. Montag makes sense of how to wreck it with his flamethrower; by then he walks around the deadness in his leg and flights with a couple of books that were concealed in his yard. He covers these in another fire warrior’s home and acquires an alert from a remuneration phone.

Montag goes to Faber’s home, where he finds that another Hound has been put on his trail, nearby a couple of helicopters and a TV group. Faber uncovers to Montag that he is leaving for St. Louis to see a surrendered printer who may have the ability to help them. Montag gives Faber some money and uncovers to him how to remove Montag’s smell from his home so the Hound won’t enter it. Montag by then takes some of Faber’s old pieces of clothing and continues running off toward the stream. The whole city looks as the interest spreads out on TV, however Montag makes sense of how to escape in the stream and change into Faber’s articles of clothing to cover his fragrance.

He drifts downstream into the country and takes after a course of action of surrendered railroad tracks until the point that he finds a get-together of dissident taught individuals “the Book People”, drove by a man named Granger, who welcome him. They are a bit of a the nation over arrangement of book sweethearts who have recalled various inconceivable works of composing and rationale. They assume that they may be of some help to mankind in the result of the war that has as of late been broadcasted. Montag’s part is to recall the Book of Ecclesiastes. Enemy planes appear in the sky and absolutely pound the city with bombs. Montag and his new friends continue ahead to filter for survivors and patch up human progression.

( Spark notes) It is one of the best sci-fi books ever written.( Fahrenheit 51 test prep) Ray Bradbury’s life was not just filled with just writing. He was married  to the only girl he ever dated.

Ray Bradbury married Marguerite McClure at age 22. She was working at a bookstore when she met Ray Bradbury because she thought he was shoplifting because of the stores past of people stealing and he always would wear a big trench coat and bring in a briefcase so he looked very suspicious going into the bookstore everyday like that. After that day they established a good relationship and it grew from there.

They went on to have a great relationship. When Marguerite and the ole RB had four children together. All Ray Bradbury’s children were girls. Bettina, Alexandra, Ramona, and Susan Bradbury. Bettina Bradbury ended up being a screenplay writer. ( History channel video) Ray Bradbury had a well accomplished life.

He wrote plays for Walt Disney. Bradbury also won many awards such as national medal of arts, Helmerich Award, also a daytime Emmy award for outstanding writing for the Halloween Tree in 1994. Ray Bradbury had an outstanding writing career that lasted 70 years and ended when he died on June 5, 2012. ( Mental Floss)


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