It’s my great pleasure to provide this letter of recommendation for Nesma as she pursues an applicant to “SUSI Students Civic Engagement Program”. As a professor of Anatomy and vice-dean of student affairs of the faculty of medicine, Zagazig University, I taught Nesma in two classes and served as her advisor in many student activities.

Nesma impressed me with her intellectual curiosity, passion for global cultures, and adventurous spirit. Given his background in extra-curricular activities and volunteering work and , I’m confident that she would make an excellent addition to your school.I taught Nesma her junior year in Anatomy class. I also worked closely with her on many projects. She’s a very talented student who gives insightful commentary in essays ,class discussions and brainstorming. I know that Nesma has the verbal skills and depth of thought to be an engaging applicant to your respective program.Nesma’s always been passionate about connecting with people from different cultures, whether that means exploring new ideas through volunteering in international organizations or world literature. Her passion for cross-cultural exchange shone through her words.

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Beyond her studies and volunteer work, Nesma loves to meet new people and travel not merely as a tourist, but as an engaged participant. This opportunity in USA would allow her to continue doing just that.Nesma has my unequivocal and stong support in her application.

She’s charismatic, open-minded t, hard-working, and houghtful, and she has a clear commitment to her responsibilities. And I know she will continue to find success sales your respective program, and I share her excitement over this next venture. Please feel welcomed  to contact me for any more information. Thank you for your time.Kind Regards,Professor/ Ashraf Saber HegabVice-dean for students’ affairsFaculty of Medicine, Zagazig University


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