It is common for people to feel anxiousabout speaking in public. Research by Shi, Brinthaupt, and McCree (2015) indicateone-third of a large community experiencing excessive public speaking anxiety.Performing a communication apprehension test (CA) allows an individual to testtheir level of fear and anxiety associated in communication (Shahbaz, Khan,Khan & Mustafa, 2016; Shi et al. 2015). Here, the test examines self-talktypologies and patterns projected to scale to represent the overall CA level ofa speaker. The examination includes various social settings and activities withthe examples of interpersonal conversations, public speaking, group discussionsand meetings (Shi et al.

2015).In the test, I find my group discussionlevel within the average range of 11 to 20. However, my performance on meetingsgoes beyond the average range with a score of 24. Concerning both interpersonalconversations and public speaking, I manage to score above average and withinthe average range of 14 to 24 respectively. My overall score is 85 indicating ahigh CA score. Here, my score illustrates my personal reaction in differentcontext agreeing with Shahbaz et al. (2016) definition of CA.

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Traits identified in the CA survey showcasea relationship with anxiety affecting the ability of an individual toeffectively communicate in their given setting. This agrees with Shahbaz et al.(2016) observations where the outcomes of a CA test exhibit a strongcorrelation with achievement. The imperative in the result involves bothconfidence and presentation skills of the speaker. Further, Shi et al. (2015)explain the position of high CA individuals experiencing more difficulties inmanaging the negative aspects of their CA.

I agree with this observationrelating it to my challenges in group discussion and public speaking. Moreover,Shi et al. (2015) have high CA individuals being more attentive to the socialimplications of their communication leading to enhanced self-talk. This I findtrue as I tend to talk to myself in preparation for a public communicationsetting. 


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