“It is acknowledged that with the level of complexity in today’s business environment, it is  impossible and improbable for a leader to possess all the qualities and skills required  to lead a business effectively. The responsibility for success, however, continues to  rest on the leader’s shoulders. So, what does a leader need to do to ensure  sustainable success? We assume that the role of a leader is to simply get the team from point A to goal B.  But that is only part of the picture. Research suggests that the key to effective leadership  lies in the leader’s ability to build and sustain authentic relationships. As leadership roles  expand, what is achieved is increasingly done with and through others. There is greater reliance on inter-personal skills to get results, which means managing performance, giving feedback, and getting others to step up their game.

The challenge lies in balancing external factors – strategies, priorities, results – with internal factors – values, purpose and self-awareness. Coaching is leading. Once a leader has the tools, s/he will find that it is the most powerful form of leadership s/he can practice.

Coaching is a skill that immensely benefits the leader, the team and the organization. Effective leaders integrate coaching skills in their leadership style to transcend narrow definitions like ‘goal-oriented leader’ or ‘people-oriented leader’, and create a new form of leadership: Leader-Coach.Leader-Coaches push people to perform while supporting their learning on the job, they focus on task achievement while also nurturing relationships, they encourage people to question assumptions while guiding them in finding answers, and they make people function as a team without letting them lose sight of individual accountability. A Leader-Coach leadership style transforms efficient leaders into inspirational ones.”


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