It is very common in many sectors and activities to outsource the cleaning service and have a specialized company that provides us with the service accurately. This saves us having to plan the cleaning and make the corresponding investment in products, machinery, qualified personnel, etc. so that the purification is carried out correctly.•    Trained and experienced technicians: A specialized industrial cleaning service has specially trained staff for these tasks. Personnel with extensive experience and knowledge of production processes, capable of designing an action protocol that optimally cleaned without interfering with the activity of the company.

•    Specific products and machinery: Each industrial process produces a particular type of waste and requires particular products, machinery, and equipment for each case. With the services of a company specializing in industrial cleaning, you are sure that you are using the appropriate means to carry out the work. With a performance protocol studied and designed specifically for each activity, it can be assumed that the cleaning will be of superior efficiency.•    The use of specific machinery and products are thought exclusively for each action and company; from sweepers, industrial vacuum cleaners, scrubbing machines or pressure injection lances. The technical equipment for cleaning your firm will be planned according to the characteristics of the area to be cleaned, the materials, the waste produced, etc.

•    Risk prevention: A company specializing in industrial cleaning trains its workers to perform always cleaning under the highest safety conditions. Not only do they receive specific training, but they also have the unique equipment to prevent and prevent an accident.Equipment of a professional industrial cleaning company.It is essential that a company specialized in industrial cleaning has the right equipment for it. The technical team of an industrial cleaning company must necessarily have specific tools and machinery for industrial cleaning. Among this material we can find:•    The sweepers and scrubbers, machines specially designed to clean the floors of large areas in a short time.

In each specific industry can be equipped with different products for a better result. In the food industry, for example, it is essential that the place of production be aseptic, in addition to complying with a series of specific protocols.•    Industrial vacuum cleaners; With a large capacity of deposit and suction power, an industrial vacuum cleaner is indicated for all types of industrial activity in which waste is produced in the form of dust. One of its significant benefits is that you can access with them areas that more massive machinery cannot reach. They also collect liquid substances if necessary.•    Pressure lances for injection and extraction. Essential equipment for cleaning mechanism, especially if it is exposed to grease or materials that are difficult to clean. The pressure lances spray water with special detergents for each case at high pressure.

This process removes any possible residue leaving a perfect finish and utterly free of dirt.Procedures for cleaning industrial.The technical team is essential for any industrial cleaning. However, it is also necessary a human squad trained and prepared to deal with this type of work.Dry cleaning with steamThis efficient cleaning procedure is suitable for all types of industries since it is only used for cleaning high-pressure steam. It is incredibly useful since in the same job it is descaled, disinfected and any surface is cleaned thanks to steam.

Its significant advantage is that it does not produce any waste since the amount of water injected is minimal and it dries quickly. This makes pressure steam cleaning an environmental practice that can also be applied both indoors and outdoors without any problem.Cleaning with pressurized waterThe procedure is the same as in steam cleaning; water is injected under pressure to descale the dirt and then the residue is removed manually. It is necessary that there is a drain on the installation to be cleaned. Otherwise, it is difficult to remove all the water used.

This procedure is recommended for cases in which there is grease embedded in some surface, using a specific degreaser mixed with water.Cleaning with ozoneCleaning with ozone is a relatively recent technique, but due to its excellent results, it has been used for some time in hospitals and places that need an utterly aseptic environment.Ozone cleaning is done with individual generators that release this gas into the environment. It is necessary that the areas to be treated are empty since in large concentrations ozone can be toxic.

After the application, time can be accessed in the area with complete peace of mind. Thanks to its excellent power of oxidation of organic matter, ozone is a bactericide and virucide of high energy. Finish with any microorganism or pathogen leaving the treated area wholly disinfected and sanitized.Ultrasonic cleaningUltrasonic cleaning is used to clean industrial machinery in detail. It consists in introducing into vats the different components of the motor and then starting a cavilación process that injects water with detergent; this mixture is added in all the sections of the machinery, including the most difficult to reach recesses, producing a full cleaning that It leaves the motor ready to be used again safelyIt is sensible, and natural process since biodegradable cleansers are used as a part of shallow fixation.

It is also suitable for all types of materials, from metals such as steel, copper or brass to textiles and plastics.About Us:Our community maintenance services, we can budget in different ways depending on what your community needs at very reasonable prices depending on the service.


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