It has been six months in Canada,
six months at UBC. If I may say, six months of Joy, happiness, Challenges and self-discovery.
During my first term at UBC, I have learnt a great sense of reflections. I am
just not referring to my own MFRE modules but to a broader way that really
shaped my critical and reflective thinking. Before term two get busier, I thought
it would be perfect to reflect upon the first term which has been so hectic and
testing, but I made the most of my time and used every opportunity that came my


As a new freshman at UBC, I was
both a bit on edge and excited to start a new life. Having come to Vancouver
from Africa, Rwanda, I honestly did feel like I was building a new life in a
new city with new friends. I was not distressed as to how I would settle
because I was confident that UBC MCF will make our transition more delightful
through various orientation program but I was eagerly awaiting the adventures I
knew would lay ahead. In the first few days, I have made friends, my fellow MCF
scholar with whom I remained close with today and after my first few classes
and lectures, I knew I had chosen the right course. I am so much thankful for
MCF scholar’s program to have enabled me to do this course.

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 During my first term, I had numerous hurdles
that I experienced. One of the most striking hurdles was time management and
procrastination. Throughout my entire education, I have always been a
procrastinator. I would go into my assignment with good intentions, I plan on
getting them done as early as possible but it was not easy because I found it
difficult to motivate myself if the work is not due right away. I have
convinced myself that I do better under pressure therefore I always ended up
putting myself in the same situation. Although it has worked throughout my
education, I really did forget that I am in a new teaching system that requires
huge focus and lots of workloads. However, despite all the hurdles I faced, I always
get all of my work done.


I have learnt lots of insights
from my program. Some of them have nurtured my intellectual curiosity and
others have introduced me to great minds. As someone whose interests have
always been centered to ensure that rural farmers have physical and economics
access to sufficient, safe and nutritious food for health and active life and
who have seen how unpredictability of commodity prices has always been a paramount
concern to most farmers in the community, my curiosity was fueled by the need
to understand why farmers and consumers are not able to cope with commodity
prices, how do farmers hedge against their productions, why there plenty food
in some regions and others are scarce, how to allocate food efficiently so that
everyone is not worsen off? These are interesting features I really understood in
first term.


the first term exposed me to tons of seminars. I got a great privilege to
attend seminars that shaped my professional esteem. I liked the facts that
these seminars allowed the opening up the floor for discussion pertaining to
the business world and hearing other ideas on different topics. These seminars
also opened rooms for networks and contacts.


I have learnt and gained tremendous knowledge in the first term, to be honest,
it was not a piece of cake. Coming from Africa where the teaching system is
dissimilar to that of North America, it was a great challenge for me to adjust
and fit in the program. However, with the support of amazing professors and a
wonderful program and UBC MCF team, I quickly fitted in. 


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