It is a nuclear button contest between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un. “North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has just declared that” the nuclear button is always on his desk “.  Reacting to this, the president of the United States Donald Trump, in his way, via twitter, “ask for people’ support” in informing the North Korean leader that he also have the nuclear button but it is much bigger and more powerful and what is more, his button actually works.  Meanwhile, however, between the two Koreas the signs of relaxation are multiplying. North Korea has accepted Seoul’s offer and will discuss its participation in the upcoming Winter Olympics in PyeongChang.

North Korea has reopened the cross-border communication channel with South Korea, the first significant sign that long-standing rivals are trying to improve relations. South Korean officials said they received a call from their North Korean counterparts today through a so-called red telephone line set up on the border between the North and the South. The head of North Korea’s Inter-Korean Relations Agency said his country is trying to be involved in issues related to the South through a “sincere and open attitude”.

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 “By supporting a leadership decision, we will have close contacts with the South in a sincere and loyal way,” said Ri Son-gwon, head of the North Korean agency that handles sensitive issues with the South. “We will discuss operational issues on the potential sending our delegation “, added Ri, who did not mention the hypothesis of accepting Seoul’s offer of a broader dialogue that could also involve the nuclear node. “We will never accept a nuclearized North Korea,” the US ambassador to the UN reiterates.US ambassador tothe United Nations, Nicky Haley again threatened with new sanctions forPyongyang, if the country is launching another rocket test. The United Stateshas already tightened sanctions on North Korea after its army launched severalmissile tests in 2017, launching rockets to Japan. Washington put pressure onChina, accusing it of violating sanctions on North Korea and secretly supplyingoil.


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