It is what’s driving the worldtoday, touching every aspect of our lives. We deal with it on a daily basiseven though we may not feel it. It is Technology. Technology is the result ofhuman ingenuity along with the most significant component of all, that is,Software. It’s all about computers and how to manage and utilize them to inventand innovate.

My passion towards programming grew substantially during my finalyears of college. I’ve started developingprojects and learning programming languages in my free time. I’ve been workingfor more than a year now in the IT industry, however,I would love to get a degree in Computer Science for both conversion and deepeningmy knowledge. I studied electrical engineeringat the University of Khartoum. I faced two challenging projects in my finalyears, which were both in need by third parties. First was the OPC client-serverapplication, where through the client an operator can control remote devicesthrough the server (used mainly for data access –read and write). This project (writtenin Visual Basic code) is now active in a large sugar company (Kenana) tocontrol PLCs.

The second was my finalyear project, which was about network security. It comprised of a collection oftools used to scan the University of Khartoum’s entire network. The result wasa blueprint of all devices, each with its respective security threats andrecommendations to resolve them. Those findings were delivered to the ITadministration afterward for fixing. Thisprojects was basically research-based. Bothprojects were on relatively different domains. I really came out with a greatdeal of knowledge through developing and deploying them.

 Working at Banan IT since April2014 with a team of software developers I learned a lot such as communication,team working skills and time management, all thanks to the firm’s environmentand the daily meetings we had to monitor and resolve any problems if necessary.My employers had quite a rigorous system, where we had to work on an hourlybasis, which led us to be more productive and diligent.It didn’t take me long to blendinto the IT environment, I believe I have adapted pretty fast. I began working on big projects before I was guaranteed my job.What helped me more was the ability to learn independently –especially that Ido programming as a leisure activity. Imanaged to grasp the knowledge of C#, SQL,and Business Intelligence in my first 8months of employment.

 Even though software and computersciences are evolving very fast they still are relatively new in Sudan. My mainto pursue a Master’s degree is to learnwhat real-world problems are like, be familiar with them and face newchallenges. Computer science is ubiquitous and applied to all facets of ourlives as in healthcare, telecommunications and even extraterrestrialapplications such as space probes and satellites.

I see myself in the future beinga professor, a Ph.D. is what I plan to gofor afterward. Research is something thatyou can do only if you have the passion for the subject or area of expertise.

Ihave the notion that “Industry satisfies pockets while research satisfiespassions”. After residing in the IT environment for a couple of years, Ibelieve this is the right choice for me.  Upon graduation, I worked in the electrical engineering departmenttutoring sophomore and final year students Computer Controlled systems,Database and C++ courses. I really enjoyed teaching programming-relatedcourses, this confirmed my feelings of a must to obtain a Computer Sciencepostgraduate degree. I’ve also contributed toactivities like the Engineer’s Week (a week in which engineers present theirprojects in workshops every 2 years) organizing committee as a junior student.By working with people from different levels, faculties and backgrounds Irefined my skills in tight scheduling andhandling contingencies.

I’ve also presented my major projects in IEEEworkshops, where representatives from various corporations come seekingtalented students which is how I got my first job. In my pastimes, I enjoylearning languages and computing.  In summary, diving deeper intothe Software world is all I want; to be able to switch my career effectively. Ibelieve what X University has to offer in this area is an excellent fit for me,presenting the programming concepts and advancing to more sophisticated methods,applying them to other areas such as Web technologies and most importantly theresearch introduction, which conforms with my future plan aiding me to preparefor a higher degree. X University’s reputation speaks for itself, I wouldreally appreciate and love the opportunity to study at your institute.Finally, I would like to thankyou for taking your time to read this statement.


I'm Erica!

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