It is time to switch to Kotlin for Android Apps

Ever since Android came
into existence, Java has been the official language for developing android
applications.  Java doubtlessly has
worked well for most of the developers.  For android app development, the official
language, without any doubt has proved to be a robust one.

But a fact that can’t
be denied is that –Java was never the best rather it was the only language
existing for Android projects. Java had its own flaws and shortfalls which led
to a number of challenges to the developers ranging from verbose syntax, Null
pointer Exception to the never ending concept of try-catch blocks.

For the longest
possible time, Java has been used for endless Android projects but the
developers now need to know that ‘Kotlin’ has arrived in the market already and
it’s high time for them to switch to Kotlin for their android projects.

In the Google I/O
conference, Google made a much required announcement; the announcement that
Android developers will finally get to work on a better platform called
‘Kotlin’. This language completely supports Android Studio.

Kotlin is a programming
language which runs on Java Virtual Machine and is an alternative of Java.

Now, the question
arises why to drop Java and switch to Kotlin?

is why each and every developer must switch to Kotlin:

1.     Simple Set up.

set up of Kotlin is very simple and easy. A mere click on ‘Allow Kotlin
support’ lets a developer switch to Kotlin.



Kotlin is fully interoperable and compatible with Java which is one of the
biggest advantages. Basically, a developer gets to use both Java and Kotlin on
an ongoing project. In addition to that, Kotlin allows using existing Java
frameworks and Java features also. Interoperability can in fact be considered
as the basis for the increasing popularity of Kotlin.



3.     Minimal boiler plate code.

is quite infamous for being too verbose. There is so much of unnecessary coding
required to write even the not so complex programs. On the other hand, Kotlin
is configured in such a way that the developer is saved from excessive-needless
programming. Kotlin requires approximately 8 times less coding than Java. This
is achieved by lessening the volume of boilerplate code.


4.     No more Null Pointer Exceptions.

of the major issues with Java was Null Pointer Exception which led to the
crashing of a number of Android Apps. Every developer must have faced this
problem. This exception is avoidable in Kotlin and is absolutely null safe.
This feature alone is gigantic enough for the developers to switch to Kotlin as
soon as possible.


5.     Easy to learn.
For any developer, to understand and learn Kotlin is almost effortless. One can
have a good grasp on this language by studying for just 1 day. The design and
syntax of Kotlin is very simple to comprehend.


6.     Automatic conversion.
A developer can switch to Kotlin without putting much effort or spending much time.
This is because Kotlin is an open source language. To use Kotlin, one can
simply use Java – to – Kotlin converter tool developed by Jetbrain. This tool
saves lot of developer’s time.


Kotlin has many extensions which can be used by the developer. These extensions
basically make the development process easier. One such extension is
‘Synthetic’ Extension.




8.     Semicolon free.
Often, while coding in Java, the programmers tend to miss putting semicolon at
the end of lines. Kotlin is free from the usage of semicolons. The developers
using Kotlin will no longer need to check for missing semi-colons.

9.     Reliability

is far more safe and reliable than Java. Kotlin is better prevented from bugs
and probability of errors is less as well. Even if errors occur in Kotlin, they
are detected during compile time itself which improves the reliability of apps.



if Kotlin has recently grown in the field of Android App development, it has
been there in the market and has been exploited by many programmers since a
long time. So, it isn’t a new language for which support won’t be available.
There are a lot of communities to help you with Kotlin’s functionality.


features are more than enough for an android app developer to switch to Kotlin
without even giving it a second thought. 


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