Human behavior is considered to be one of the most difficult things to comprehend: various places require various types of behavior; a person should behave one way with a certain group of people and should not use the same manners with another company. Of course, such issue like human behavior cannot be completely investigated; and all answers cannot be given simultaneously. This is why it is better to start from some concrete situations and analyze them properly, taking into consideration reliable examples and own points of view.

Human behavior in the workplace deserves our attention, as people spend so much time at work, communicating with different people; lots of conflicts take place in the workplace, and people should be ready to find out the reasons of their misunderstandings, solve problems, and improve their work and communication day by day. People should always think about workplace behavior ethics in order to be aware of how to do this or that thing, react, and speak, and not to break the settled rules and social norms. “There is a system of industrial, or workplace, justice that exists for dealing with violations of employee obligations.” (Wheeler 1992) This is why human behavior plays a very important role in the life of every person and his/her career growth. People come to one and the same place during a certain period of time; they communicate and develop professional relations; make new friends and check their skills and abilities. So, “how they conduct themselves during these interactions is important to the smooth operation – indeed, to the success.

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” (Guerin & DelPo 2007) It is necessary to admit that human perception of other people may cause certain tension within the workplace. People get used to make observations day by day: these observations turn out to be both positive and negative outcomes. When people start sharing their personal points of view concerning certain people, events, and places, gossips may appear. People become more and more involved into other people’s lives, introduce their own opinions, create certain accusations, which may lead to conflict in the workplace. This is why it turns out to be rather difficult to cooperation with people and not to create conflicts. “Conflict and cooperation are not neutral processes, good or bad in themselves.

Both can have destructive as well as creative consequences.” (Cheldelin et al. 2003) People have unbelievable power to spread rumors and do not think about the consequences and possible hurt that may affect other people. Human behavior is an integral part for those people, who want to build good career and achieve the desirable success in this life.

Perception and conflicts are the things, any workplace consists of. People like to observe and gather information about someone else in order to share this information with other people and create a kind of story. Sometimes, such information may hurt and cause negative outcomes, this is why it is better to be careful with own perception in order not to create extra conflicts and work properly.

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