are planet doomed to burn yes when the sun swallows the earth in a couple of
billion years. Interims of us burning because of global warming probably not.
However in my personal opinion we are going to go over the 2 C that scientist
say is a point of no return. We will face huge consequences for going past that
point of no return droughts, more catastrophic natural disaster, rising sea
level and much more. I come to this conclusions because there is just not
enough we are doing to prevent this from happing. First of the technology isn’t
there to prevent it like reflecting solar energy back into space and even if it
was to become aviable tomorrow it would take years to implement to its full
effect which is upsetting. Also we just aren’t reducing are emissions faster
enough. The fact that Paris agreement happened was a good thing, as it showed
the world was united against this common threat. However all the good things it
set out to do is completely undermined by the fact that its just based of
promises that each country set themselves to reduce their emissions and its
very unlucky that every single country will meet the goals that they have set.
to make matters if every country was to meet there goals we would go over the 2
C threshold. If that wasn’t enough we still somehow have pollutions on this
earth who public denounce that climate change happens and block legalisation
rules to prevent further emissions from happing which is just upsetting.

problem I faced writing this report is that Global warming is such a huge topic
and there are so many factors into one issue. So if I was to do it again I
would probably narrow it down into one aspect to either the effectiveness of
the Paris agreement or the denial industry of global warming. Another issue I
faced was coming up with arguments. Even though there are always so many
disagreements and arguments on so many topics, there isn’t when it comes to
Global warming as there is just so much evidence to say that it s a real thing
and that humans are responsible. Therefore, I think I could have maybe came at
this topic at different angle like what is the best way of tackling global
warming. Although, this is still very broad it means i could have had a bases
of forming a dissertation that had more arguments to build off because this is
a issue so many people are passionate about this issue and will have there own
ideas on the best way to tackle it. Another problem in the argument bases was
that for the last topic on the current technology it was very hard to come up
with the arguments to my question. I just found that I was just talking about
pros and cons of certain renewable energy but I wasn’t really answering the
question I had set for myself, so I had to rewrite into the single argument
that the current technology wasn’t enough to prevent us going past the 2 C. To
prevent this problem from occouring in the further I should probable research
the opinions of the technology’s to do with renewable energy to help formulate
more cohesive arguments. I also could have done more investigation into the
denial industry which I feel again could have helped narrow down my
dissertation to a certain topic. However I did find this topic very interesting
to research. However I do have the questions what would have happened if the
consequence of burning fossil fuels had been realized before the industrial
revolution had kicked into full effect? Can developing countries really make
the jump straight into renewable? And would everyone going vegetarian really
help this issue of global warming?

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I have come to the conclusion we shall pass the 2 C mark with are current
technology, it may not happen. For the simple reason we are in a technological
boom right now where invention is happing at supper speeds. Only 50 years ago
we landed a man on the moon and 20 years before that no one thought it was
possible… as long as there is still time there may still be hope…


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