Also, soap operas frequently take on story lines which contain serious issues that must be conveyed seriously to a mass audience, for example, story lines of teenage pregnancy in Eastenders and Coronation Street and self-harm in Hollyoaks. Also, by definition because popular culture is made to appeal to a mass audience through more popular forms of entertainment, it is made to gain more profit. This is not strictly true because some bands are not manufactured by record companies and make their music to reflect their ideas and feelings.

Also, some filmmakers do not make films purely to make a profit on them – they make them because they may feel strongly on the issue raised in the storyline and want to put across their ideas and beliefs to an audience. In my opinion, popular culture is not by definition “dumbed down”. I think that simply because the definition of popular culture states that works appeal to a mass audience and are made generally to gain a profit, does not mean that they are “dumbed down”.As stated above, many films and soap operas contain very serious issues, which must be conveyed sensitively and seriously to the audience, and are very thought provoking, requiring mass audiences to use their imagination and their intellect. Also, I think that although by definition, popular culture works are often made to gain a profit, this is a clear generalisation as some bands and singers, and film-makers make their films and music for themselves – they are not manufactured and although they appeal to a mass audience – they were not purely made for the profit gain, and instead were made to convey the feelings of the maker.In conclusion, the definition of popular culture is a complete generalisation.

Although it is true that by definition some popular culture works are made purely to appeal to a mass audience and gain a profit and therefore are not particularly meaningful or thought provoking, there are many works of popular culture which are not made purely for these purposes and were made to convey the maker’s feelings on an issue and it is simply a bonus that they appeal to a mass audience.


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