IOS and Android software are the biggest players for mobile phone operating systems, and they both have their positives and negatives in regards to developing applications using them.

They serve to be as user-friendly as possible, and are constantly developing to fit the needs of the consumer. In regards to safety and security, both operating systems have made great efforts to protect users and their personal information from hacking and theft. Both systems are constantly updating with encryption and scanning capabilities and serve an important role in the area of systems security.IOS and Android are two of the most popular operating systems in consideration of designing mobile apps, and they both have their pros and cons when it comes to security, cost, and other factors. Android software is much more popular than IOS, and together the two operating systems account for over 99% of all mobile operating systems (Gartner, 2016). Android is the mobile operating system that is developed by Google, whereas IOS is developed by Apple.The technology is motivated by the need for fast and efficient platforms for mobile usage. Android is the most commonly used software platform used by application developers due to its widespread use.

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However, this is steadily changing. IOS is still very popular, and it is seen as the more user friendly, easier to use platform for developers. IOS is a closed-source software, which means it is not possible to install on any hardware, whereas Android is open-source, so the software can be downloaded and installed on Apple products.The main objective of both IOS and Android mobile operating systems is to create a safe, stable, and convenient platform for users and developers. This can be achieved through regular upgrades to fix bugs, improve security features, and enhance user experience.

As such, this study will explore the safety measures used in these operating systems and propose possible changes for enhanced security of user data. Therefore, the research question guiding the study will be: “Which operating system is safe for app development?” This will be essential in getting the main pros and cons of each of the operating systems and making the appropriate choice when selecting the mobile app development environment. As IOS is steadily becoming more popular, Apple has been focusing on advancing its technology to compete with Android/Google. Both IOS and Android have new features and new developments to the software on a regular basis, and users can update their operating systems to get this new technology installed on their devices. Both IOS and Android uses data when evaluating potential changes to its software, and uses this data when creating new software. Predictive analytics is widely used by looking at historical data and using it to make different predictions about the future of technology.

This type of data analytics is helpful, but is not always accurate. Additionally, data is stored on mobile devices, which is then used by developers when updating software. As mentioned, the IOS and Android technology is constantly changing and evolving to better serve users and make applications more user-friendly. It is important to keep in mind the popularity of Android based software when looking at current statistics. In terms of app development, IOS is believed to be an easier platform for application development because it is more user friendly. Yet, Android dominates in market share while IOS dominates in profit share.

Most importantly, however, is safety and security. IOS is seen as the safer platform because all of the parts of the device, from software to hardware, is controlled by Apple. Furthermore, the IOS platform has extremely strong encryption security, preventing a majority of cyberattacks. Recently, Android has made changes to improve their security efforts in order to improve their reputation and relations with consumers. These security improvements include application scans, which scans the device and its apps in order to get rid of malware, and improvements in encryption.

 The future looks bright for both Android and IOS in regards to application development. However, the future is brighter for IOS. Android has been plagued with problems in the past, including that they are very slow when it comes to updating its operating systems for users, unlike IOS which updates very quickly for all users (Sheikh, Ganai, Malik, and Dar, 2013). Recently there have been many efforts on both platforms to increase safety and security measures for users.

Preventing malware, identity theft, and hacking has become top priority, which means app development is becoming more about choosing a platform based on safety and risk, and less about which platform is more appropriate for the app that is being developed. Overall, the world of technology is constantly changing, and both platforms are constantly evolving to fit the needs of their users. 


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