Investmentin Models and ShowcasingChina.believes in showcasingits strengths and presenting.itself as a model tovisiting personages.

This helped funnel foreign direct

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develop the localeconomy. Shenzhen.andZhangjiagang were developed.intoamazing representations.sothat the surrounding area could.besold as an investment.propertyto.

foreigninvestors. No.doubtthis helped improve the image.ofChina, making it as an.attractiveinvestment country.The airports.atBeijing and Shanghai, Beijing’s Financial Street, and.

Pudong Development Zone are a few.examples of how.China has.

showcased itself toforeigners, with such success that people

take.a decision.about.setting.up a.

center.there. Consistentand Attentive MarketingConsistently.China.had.pushed.its.

one big.selling.point,

its.large market. Chinese leader’shave.billed thecountry’s 1.3 billion population as a place to.

conduct business with ripe possibilities.

that, it has open.door policy and is committed.

to reforms.and.encourage foreigninvestors for.

investmentthey organized delegations and hosted conferences and exhibitions. Formationof Zones and Infrastructure for BusinessesChina has successfully created.several.flexible investmentzones, free trade zones, high tech zones, and export processing.zones, along. and.proper infrastructure. Theyscore factorslike speedy.approval.

of.investment proposals andbuilding of solid infrastructure. A”business-above-all” AttitudeChina.has. ideology, culture,political views.or.local.sentiments to affect its.

business.prospects. The channelsof export,.investment.and.technologyhave always been given.primary.importance over allother considerations.

 Committedand Passionate MovementChina has made committed approaches towardsits non-resident citizens who are economically placed to invest heavily on thecountry. As a result of this, the 60 million people of Chinese origin who liveoutside subsidize to the country’s economy in the form of investments and transmittals.Non-resident Chinese are respected and allowed to contribute in thesocio-economic activities of the central. Southern China has been able toflourish due to the efforts of these non-resident Chinese. Strong Built-upBaseThe country has developed itself as amanufacturing pivot, in turn providing service to its people. Thereforeeverything is “Made in China”.

 Abilityto Respond QuicklyAgain, China has been able to make quick turnsin approach and redirect its resources into all emerging fields such as computerscience, biotechnological engineering, law, economics, management, and higher education.For all this they are providing compensating, flexible and permissive policiesconcerning studies so that they get strong graduates to return to China. Placing Chinese Interests Above All ElseThe Chinese leadership has been set in stimulatingforeign investment opportunitiesfor China, without interference from any section. These.and.many.more.make China a, investment andworkforce.


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