IntroductionWith the increasing number of natural disasters, having weather resistant exterior paint is important. This project will find what common brand of exterior paint is the most resistant to natural phenomenons. The report will be testing how Valsar, Sherwin Williams, and Behr exterior paint, the independent variable, react to severe weather conditions, the dependant variable.

All of the paints will be tested against the same conditions for the same amount of time, the controlled variable.Literature Review Everyone paints the outside of their house. But what type of paint lasts the longest and is the most weather resistant? According to house expert Bob Veela.

       (1) Most weather resistant exterior house paints last about ten years but when extreme weather hits what brand of paint will be the most resilient.  There are many exterior house paints out there such as Behr, Olympic, Valspar, Sherwin Williams, and Glidden. Currently Behr paint is leading the industry in both exterior and interior paint.        Interior and exterior paint are different. There differences can be simplified into three basic sections, “pigment, binders and liquid.

” (2) Interior paint has organic pigment that is not weather resistance. The binders are what keeps the paint on your walls. Exterior paint binders are more resistant to cracking, bubbling, and moisture. Another thing that differs between exterior and interior paint is the liquids they use in the paint. Exterior paint has more volatile organic compounds that can cause many long lasting human diseases.          Everytime you paint your house it costs one thousand to three thousand dollars.

So you want to make sure that you are getting the best quality exterior paint. This project seeks to find the most weather resistant common exterior paint.The Question          What common exterior paint brand is the most weather resistant?THis experiment will help homeowners when buying exterior paint. When extreme weather conditions hit you want a paint that blocks water, resists heat and doesn’t deteriorate from wind or earth.The Hypothesis              My hypothesis is that Behr exterior paint will prove more weather resistant than Valspar, or Sherwin William exterior paint.     ProcedurePaint the three pieces of wood with one thick coat of exterior paint (each piece of wood will be painted with a different brand of paint.) Let it dry.To test the paints resistance to water put the three pieces of wood in a pot full of water, with a lid on it, and let them soak for two daysThen let them dry.

After they are dry put them outside for two days, to test there resistance to wind and dirt.Put them slightly above a wood burning fire,to test paints resistance to heat, supported by two bricks so that they don’t touch the fire and burn, for as long as possible. The paint will start having a, toxic, chemical reaction after six hours so if the fire is near humans the paint will need to be taken off of the fire.Record resultsFindings          When I put the paint in water none of the paints really reacted. However when I put the paint outside, the Valspar exterior chipped while the Behr and Sherwin Williams exterior paint did not. When I put the paint above the fireplace the Sherwin Williams paint faded significantly while the Valspar and Behr exterior paint did not react. This information supports my hypothesisConclusion         Over all the Behr paint did not react.

The Valspar paint chipped and the Sherwin Williams paint significantly faded. These results matched my original hypothesis that Behr exterior paint will be more resilient to natural phenomenons. Behr paint is currently the leading brand of exterior paint so it makes sense that it would be more weather resistant   Recommendations        Painting your house usually costs one thousand to three thousand dollars, so you want to make sure you get a paint that will protect your house and with the increasing number of natural phonominanes the brand of exterior paint you use is important. Exterior paint can significantly help protect your house against nature. This project can help provide people find a more weather resistant, and longer lasting brand of exterior paint. However if I could redo my project there are a few things I would do differently. I would do multiple tests and I would have each test include more brands of common paint. Also it would be preferable if the tests took place over a longer period of time.



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