Introduction to VloggingWhat exactly is Vlogging? Vlogging is generally a blog in a video form. Basically Vlogging is a video log to post your contents for your users to see.

Now that it is the age of digitalization, the form of blogging through videos has gained more and more popularity. An extremely easy way to effectively communicate with your users, this is an innovation towards futuristic terrene. So Where did the idea come from and what is the history of vlogging? Well, the first ever recorded video blog was produced by Adam Kontras on Jan 2, 2000.

Yup that’s right, he was the first person to share his updates and whereabout through the video media. His vlog called Journey was created to update and inform his family and friends about his journey from Columbus, Ohio to Los Angeles California. It is also the longest -running video blog in history.

However that was only the start, by 2004, vlogging had already taken over the mainstream media. And with the founding of YouTube in 2005, the vlogging trend raised to billions all over the world. Now that it has come to 2018, Vlogging has become one of the leading trends to connect with your users and a part of an ongoing and ever-evolving content marketing strategy.WordPress and Vlogging WordPress, one of the leading platforms for blogging has also come in terms with vlogging and now provides all the necessary tools and elements required for it. With more and more focus on the video content, even the WordPress developers have come up with solutions to integrate vlogs onto your site. This includes better UI design, improved compatibility and Themes developed especially with Vlogs in mind.

Importance of VloggingSo let’s talk about why exactly is Vlogging getting more and more popular each day? Obviously it has to do with how effective and useful it is when it comes to getting information through with your users. We have pointed out each of the importance and how Vlogging achieves that so let’s get into it right away!Increased Search Engine TrafficSo let’s talk about how vlogging improves your search engine traffic. Well the first thing to remember is that when making a vlog, you can impact the SEO of your vlog using the keywords in the title, tags and description of the video.

Another thing to remember is when vlogging you usually rely on the video platforms like YouTube. One of the most powerful search engine after Google, you can get recognition from there as well.Vlogs are increasingly accounting for more and more of this traffic. A study by GlobalWebIndex last year finds that 44% of global internet users now watching vlogs every month. Another research by the Cisco revealed that the video accounts for a whole 73% of all internet traffic in 2016 and will reach 82% by 2021. PotentialWhile blogs are seemingly boring to read if they are too long and detailed, Videos have the exact opposite potential. Think about it yourself, if you are looking through a video about any subject matter that interests you, which is detailed and to the point as well as important enough, you are sure willing to share it to your audience. Even the topic is more understandable and easy when you watch it or hear it being explained instead of just written instructions or posts.

When the comparison comes to entertaining and keeping your viewers hooked, Videos or Vlogs win this hands down. Whether it is any trending news, or just a random post, viewers are more likely to be attracted to watch the video instead of going through the written version. Here is an interesting piece of research from HubSpot despite the fact that blogs are far more prevalent and brands are far more likely to make use of them, when it comes to what type of content internet users are the most engaged with, it’s video that comes out on top.In fact, while 55% of people will consume an online video in its entirety, only 29% will do the same with a blog.https://research.

1499075460795.250=114168920.8.1499075460795=2238685004 Better Communication with the UsersWhen it comes to communicating and interacting with your users, vlogs play a really important role.


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