Introduction Paragraph:Hook, state your position, list your 3 reasonsDon’t forget voice! Good morning everyone! Today I will be telling you why I think schools should have chocolate milk or even keep it if they are thinking about getting rid of it. Like are they crazy?! I will you 3 reasons why I think they should keep chocolate milk. 1. They get all the same nutrients they get in white milk. 2. They also have tons of different options to choose from. Lastly, they get all the daily serving they will need. That is why I think chocolate milk should stay/be in schools.

Body Paragraph 1: Transition, Reason 1Evidence 1, Explain 1Evidence 2, Explain 2Evidence 3, Explain 3Closing sentenceVoice!First off, they get all the same nutrients they will get in white milk. states, ” Chocolate milk contains all the same great nutrient-rich package as white milk.

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” I chose that because in the text it even says it as all the same great nutrients as all the other milk. Also, you may not believe it now but chocolate milk can help with diseases! That’s mind blowing! For me anyways. That helps me see how amazing the nutrients are in chocolate milk. Lastly, chocolate milk has little sugar so it doesn’t matter what type you choose. I wanted to share that because you may think chocolate milk has a lot of sugar because of the chocolate but, it really doesn’t.

That is one reason why I think chocolate milk should be/stay in school. Body Paragraph 2: Transition, Reason 2Evidence 1, Explain 1Evidence 2, Explain 2Evidence 3, Explain 3Closing sentenceVoice!Secondly, they have a lot of different options. says,” Schools must provide low-fat or fat-free white or flavored milk to children.

” This means, they already have 2 options at school to choose from. Different research shows that any type of chocolate milk is the most popular. This proves that kids like to have chocolate milk in schools to drink. Lastly, ” Kids think white milk and flavored milk tastes good to drink.” https://nutrition.eatsmart.

org states that because kids like to drink milk and maybe the schools will see how much kids like to drink milk. I mean milk is really good and I love. But yet again that’s my opinion. That is another reason why I think chocolate milk should be in schools.Body Paragraph 3: Transition, Reason 3ins.”Evidence 1, Explain 1Evidence 2, Explain 2Evidence 3, Explain 3Closing sentenceVoice!Lastly, kids can get daily servings. Drinking any kind of milk can get kids up to their 3 daily servings. Now that i got that out of the way, kids may choose chocolate milk for their daily servings.

The guide lines even says, “Kids 9 and up should drink 3 servings of any type of milk.” We should just listen to the guidelines because they are a lifesaver! Am I right? Or am I right? Finally, states, ” Children who consume flavored milk, are more likely to reach their daily recommended servings.” This means, kids are better off drinking flavored milk like chocolate milk or other type of flavored milk. These are only some reasons why kids can get their 3 daily servings from flavored milk.

Counter Argument: 2-3 of the opponent’s reasons2-3 rebuttalsClosing statementCritics may say, ” Chocolate milk has a lot of sugar because of the chocolate in it.” Well actually, chocolate milk is just as healthy as white milk. They might also say,” I don’t think chocolate milk should be in schools.” That’s your opinion. We all have different opinions. I think they should because, kids love it.

That is only some of the things critics may say. Conclusion:Transition, restate 3 reasons, strong closing statementDon’t forget voice!Now that you learned


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