IntroductionThe unemployment among graduates in Malaysia is influenced by several factors which are  the deficiency in communication skill, the attitude of graduates and the lack of experience.BodyA)   Lack of communication skill is a common issue of unemployment among graduates.

1)    Malaysia endorses the high significance of English language but graduates still struggle to communicate using this language at the workplace (Carol et al., 2011).a)    According to the survey of human resource personnel and bosses conducted by Jobstreet, a Malaysian employment agency in 2005, 56% of candidates were poor in the English language.

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2)    Azina states that almost all subjects in schools and universities were not taught in English since Bahasa Malaysia is the official language of Malaysia.a)    Local graduates may get it really burdensome to speak in the English language when they were exposed to the real world (Azina, 2011).3)    Companies reckon that in order to increase organization’s productivity, the employees must have proficiency in English (Omar & Rajoo, 2016).a)    The worker will work more effectively.

B)   The next reason of why graduates in Malaysia are unemployed is due to their attitude itself.1)    Most of graduates nowadays are being choosy when applying for a job.a)    The graduates only want to pursue the career that meets their academic achievement.

2)    A job that offered a low salary is often rejected by graduates in Malaysia.a)    As stated by Jobstreet, the percentage of unemployed graduates that demanding a high salary is 33% (Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia, 2012).3)    Graduates are being passive and do not take action to give their best in completing their job.a)    Based on the survey that was conducted by Jobstreet, there are 37% of graduates are unemployed due to their poor character, attitude and personality.C)   Graduates are also unemployed for their lack of experience in the industry.

1)    Candidates who have working experience are more likely to be hired compared to candidates  who is highly certified in academic.a)    “There was very little variation in CGPA between employed and unemployed graduates. This explains why the overall academic performance did not affect the chance of becoming employed graduates (Azina, 2011).”b)    The practical or industry training also no longer give the extra advantage to the candidates as more than 60% of the graduates went through this kind of training (Azina, 2011).2)    Candidates with experience possess ability and knowledge so training and courses are no longer required.a)    This lessen the costs that need to be provided by the employer.3)    Fresh graduates are not given a chance to start their career  as employers insist that they do not want to bear any loss causes by graduates’ lack of experience.a)    This employers action negatively impact the country as the amount of income per capita will decline as the unemployment rate rises.ConclusionDeficiency of communication skill, the attitude of graduates and the lack of experience are the main reason of increase in unemployment among graduates in Malaysia.


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