INTRODUCTION:Ruralhealthcare is one of the colossal challenges facing by the world and also inIndia by the Health Ministry. With more than 70 per cent population living inrural areas and low level of health facilities, mortality rates due to diseasesare on a high. The death rate of children under age 1 has increased by 16 percent from 2011 to 2015 in India.Thisresearch will definitely help the nation to understand the above mentionedissue. Also provide a relevant and feasible solution.

Byusing intelligent Machine Learningand Data Mining techniques, we caneasily provide Remote HealthcareAssitance . PROBLEM  STATEMENT:Ruraland remote communities have long struggled to maintain access to quality healthcare services.  Apervasive body of literature has recorded the problem faced by hospitals inrural areas and other services providers. Because a large range of factorscontribute to these problems in rural outland areas, including an economicstagnation, declining population, scarcity of doctors and other health careexperts.         RESEARCHOBJECTIVE:DigitalHealthcare makes use ofSmart & Intelligent technology anddelivers instant timely and efficienthealthcare aids to patients. Firstly,we will attempt to get closer to the problem by way of going through thesequestions:1.

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    What is the problem?2.    Why is it important?3.    Where does this problem affect themost?4.    Who does it impact the most?5.    How will the solution to theproblem implemented?MachineLearning (ML)programs help us in patient monitoring& keeping a real-time follow-up oftheir health status. This technique is also capable of suggesting prescriptions. For learning purpose machines will beinstalled in the Doctor’s cabin and then a KnowledgeBase is maintained for giving prescriptions.

RESEARCHQUESTION:”Isthere no need of an Intelligent Innovative Solution to the problem of RuralHealthcare?  “Beforethe conditions in rural areas will get more worst, so it is the need of thehour to implement this Research’s Innovative Outcome into real life.    


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