Technologies is a
global transportation technology company headquartered in San Francisco, California, United States,
operating in 633 cities worldwide. The name “Uber” is a reference to
the common (and somewhat colloquial) word “uber”, meaning “topmost” or “super”,

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Uber is an independent taxi company that hires
vehicles of their own uses. Drivers use their app that show that they are available
to drive. Their locations and moment can also watch through app system.  Passengers can request rides by using uber
app. Enter the address where you want to be pick up and drop off. Pay for your
ride with your credit card or through cash right time.

to use for Facilitate:

6 ways to use uber.

1.      Download

2.      Decide
the type of car you have to pick up in

3.      Keep
tap on the device so we can track the position.

4.      Can
save money by sharing other passengers

5.      Take
advantage of uber promotions

6.      Sign
up to join uber fleet


Understanding ones performance is critical concern for
any employee, and understanding the performance of employees in ones unit is
critical concern for any manager.

Uber is also an organization facilitate passenger to
travel from one place to another, many of people are working there as Manager,
software engineers, Accountant, contractors, Legal advisor and many more. How
much working these employees working on job? How effective are their
performance? Does the organization run a clean program? All the contractor or
on field drivers are clear about their job and about their legal issues? Do the
contractor or drivers fulfil their job on time? Is their behavior well with
public or passengers?

Of course, we have to ask questions to increase the
profit for organization without any incident or accident. If any incidents are
occurred, what would be the reason and who would be responsible? So everyone
should be well aware of these question and answers. Is performance a set of
behaviors that a person does perform or does not?

However, as sensible as these questions seems, using
results to indicate job performance creates potential problems. First employees
contribute to the organization in ways that go beyond bottom-line results.
second is that managers focus should be on bottom line problems and employee’s
mentality which In turn, results in social undermining. Third, results are
often influenced by factors that are beyond the employees control- uber
software may corrupt etc.


company gives task to the contractor to fulfill their required task in specific
time Mostly fulfil it in specific time to save money given after rating by
Uber, that’s called routine task performance.

In contrast, more contractor facilitates people
without increasing their Point rating which is novel, unusual and
unpredictable, such employees called adaptive task performance. Its ethical and
knowledge based work increase the pace of change in the workplace.

In fact, adaptive
task performance has become crucial in todays global economy where
companies have been faced with the challenge of becoming more productive with
fewer employees on staff. Such type of employee is working in Uber company this phenomenon is called
citizenship behavior. They inform
other drivers about update of new rules about traffic or within office, called
courtesy. They have to face many people on spot like they have to discuss about
fare with their passengers or they have to face troublesome with other driver’s
interference in their route, all these happens in reality but the best employs
eliminate and ignore is called
sportsmanship behavior.

The Uber company manager identify task performance by
conducting job analysis. He comes out on the field and drive as a contractor, doing
observations, surveys and interviews of employees. He consults the experts
generally have experience of business, advertising and legal experts about
traffic rules and regulations. That is creative task Performance and also it is
organizational citizenship behavior.
He calls meeting in which many drivers have invited. Many of them came that is civic virtue. Many drivers tell about
what is Uber actually and how they gain profit to their passengers that called boosterism.

behavior tends to be viewed as relatively voluntary because
its not often explicitly outlined in job descriptions or directly rewarded by
the owner of the company but the drivers shows on the road. In other hand, the
manager would not consider the citizenship behaviors with his contactor or
drivers, the drivers would like to react negatively because he or she not been
recognized for putting effort into activities that help other members in
organization and their passengers indirectly. One factor that would appear to
be important is national culture. Many employees or contractors working in Uber
from different culture and Places. On the basis of these cultural differences,
it seems logical to expect that people from the out of city or province would
consider citizenship behavior relatively unimportant compared with people from
the latter set of upper Managers. So cultural conflict may occur which lead to counterproductive deviance.

Counterproductive behavior
is the intentionally hindrance organizational task and goal through productive
deviance, Property deviance, Political deviance and Personal Deviance.


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