INTRODUCTION                     REVITALIZATIONOF A CITY: WHY JAIPUR?  If there is one cityin India, which has imbibed the positive values of tradition while makingprovisions for the needs of the future, then it is Jaipur. The foundation of afuture city was actually laid more than 250 years ago. Jaipur is a city with anurban form of undeniably high quality. It was not designed for protection butas a habitation for diverse communities engaged in trade, the arts and craftsof various kinds. The city wall was not part of a system of defense, but wasbuilt to define the city limits and establish a sense of order. The hierarchyof roads is clear; with it wide ranges of functional and dimensionalvariations. Jaipur is an incomparable and irreplaceable historic city withnumerous assets.

At the same time, it is a fast growing modern city ofRajasthan. The pressure of commercialism and development poses a threat to thecity. The transformation in the heritage walled city has been very intense interms of land use, urban form, street façade, city graphics etc. The last tenyears have seen more damage than the corresponding period before them. Jaipurcity is world famous for its rich urban heritage. The survival of these urbanheritage areas has come under threat due to rapid urban development andtransformation.

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Urban conservation assumes the highest priority in the case ofJaipur because of principles and values of design it demonstrates, not just inits monuments and in the layout of the city, but also in the regional settingin which the city is placed and its relationship with other elements. Hence theobject of the study is to assess the transformation in the walled city and tofind out ways to conserve the walled city by not letting it become a totalcommercial district in the future. The revitalization is not the wholesomepreservation of everything which is old and archaic, but contemplates creativeuse and reuse of older structures and areas in order to facilitate theircontinued use and up gradation of civic services.         Revitalization is defined as ” bringing back new vitality; bringing abuilding, a community, a neighborhood, activities, business, etc. back to life;regenerating.

It may involve allocation of new uses”(Mutal, 2017).                                                 A significant number of the heritagesettlements inside the walled city as well as outside of it in Jaipur areexposed to change and fast deterioration of the fabric and quality. However,the walled city of Jaipur still is the flourishing economic focus andparticularly in place of its physical trademark. The capabilities of the WalledCity of Jaipur are tremendous, monetarily, visually, socially and culturally aswell. The city is not turning into a dead town; it is the abuse and disorderlyfunctioning, which is posing as a threat to the extremely simple life of theregion. However, the walled city even today continues to offer a main economicbase.

In the walled city, the urban life has at all times gone up against withissues because of modernization against conventional built form. The totalpreservation and freezing of the surrounding environment cannot be the way todeal with the issue, as it is a living as well as an especially throbbing city.2  Unlike the experience of other historiccities in the world, the historic buildings of Jaipur are not being abandoned.On the contrary overcrowding is a recognised issue as is uncontrolled buildingand encroachment.                    DISCUSIION AND QUESTION   The research objectives of this technical paper are asunder. It is to study the demand of revitalization in the current urbanscenario of historic urban center and understand different approaches ofrevitalization. It is to study and understand the problems of the walled cityof Jaipur and give a strategic proposal of revitalization for it.

 The  concern of the study is to protect and renewthe historic environment in order to accommodate the present and future needsof its inhabitants and to revitalize the function of the old city therebysafeguarding and restoring the traditional urban fabric. This would also entailpreservation of special urban components with its unique traditional values.Priority should be given to the city’s overall economics, social requirementsand needs, the efficiency of all networks and rehabilitation of buildings toensure its use and reuse.Themajor concern of this study is the protection as well as renwal of the richhistoric environment of the walled city of Jaipur, keeping in mind the end goalto suit the present and future demands of its residents and to revitalize the functionof the walled city; focusing on the protection and restoration of thecontemporary urban form. This would likewise involve conservation of uncommonurban segments with its extraordinary customary esteems.

Need ought to be givento the city’s general financial matters, social necessities and requirements,the effectiveness of all systems and restoration of structures to guarantee itsutilization and reuse.


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