Muniba Mazari is a
Pakistani who has born in the month of March on 3rd, 1987. Her
aspiration was to become an artist but her father wanted her to get married.
She agreed as it brings happiness to her father. But unfortunately it was not a
successful marriage life. She met with an accident and she ended up with
multiple injuries which results that she will not be able to walk all the days
of her life. But she never gave up and she started pursuing her life with hope
and faith and she became a great inspiration for all the people of the world.

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Maya Angelou quotes
that “One isn’t necessarily born with courage but one is born with potential.
Without courage we cannot practice any other virtue. With consistency we can’t
be kind, true, merciful, generous or honest.” Accordingly Muniba Mazari was not
born with courage but at the time of turmoil she kept herself courageous to
pursue her life. She met with an accident. She was taken out of the ditch and
found that she lost her legs and became paralysed. The accident put her in the
wheelchair and she is not going to walk rest of her life. The scene in her
words: Seven years back, I met with an
accident. After taking me out of the ditch, I was put in a Potohar jeep as
there weren’t any ambulances in Baluchistan. I asked people where my legs were,
and that I couldn’t feel them. They said, “They are right here.” I was very
composed, I didn’t cry. At the hospital, I told the doctors, “I am half I can’t
feel anything” I was in severe physical and psychological pain,
but I didn’t cry. Where did I get the courage to stay calm? I don’t know,
all I know is when you have lost something, you cannot cry. Muniba
Mazari, Unbroken. By Rabia Mughni And Farah Haq.Besides,
her father left her mother and herself. It was a crucial time she decided to
cope up with her life and she started changing herself and she found her inner
strength and started painting which made her alive.


People who have to be with her started
leaving her in this tragic situation. She realized that searching for super
hero outside is not fascinating and not the solution for her problems so she
started to find out the hidden superhero within herself. She became the
superhero for her life. So, she designed her life story with confidence and
never give up attitude. She didn’t wait miracles to happen instead she became a
miracle to others. In all her turmoil her smile never fades from her face.Mazari’s

Mazari’s mother is a strong pillar of her
strength. Her mother quotes, “When
I see you growing, I feel like days of my life are growing.” ( Muniba Mazari’s
Mother). Mazari’s mother never cries before her and she always hugs and
motivates her to do the next. Her mother is a reason for her painting work.Paintings:

Her paintings depicts her life and her heart.
She celebrates her work and enjoy doing painting. First, she coloured the walls
of the hospitals and gradually started canvas acrylic and oil paintings which
express all the emotions like sad, grief, sorrow, pain and inner turmoil but
all her images shows an extreme peace in her portrait.Inspiration:Besides her mother, another eminent person
who stood with her and became an aspirant role model for Muniba is Zeba
Hussain. Who has taught her of ‘being human’. When she started her life nothing
was there except of one lakh rupees. She was in a situation to work. So, she was
in a circumstance to do something. That was a time she was offered a job as a
content writer by Salman Taseer – the first website of Pakistan. He purchased
around 20 -25 of Muniba’s paintings. She was surprised when he bought all those
paintings as her paintings were gloomy and sad. He replied that it was a
painting and a source of inspiration. Also advised her not to give up painting
at any circumstance.She worked hard and she started to come up
life. Gradually praise, fame and money too followed after her. She got an
opportunity to speak at Ted talk she realized the power of words and the change
brought in other people’s life.  She
spoke the words that only brings positivity and bring colours in their life.
That day made her as a motivational speaker.

She narrates the following incident,The day I gave the Ted talk, I realized that
words have the power to change people. After the talk, a girl came to me, held
my hand and cried. She said, “Your 15-minute talk has solved 15 of my problems.
I asked how, and she said “Because you have made me realize that those 15
problems never existed.” The standing ovation, people coming to me, saying
thank you for making them realize if we are healthy we are lucky – that was when
I decided that if my life can change someone’s life or their thought process,
then that is what I want to do. Present Scenerio:Muniba
Mazari is the National Ambassador for UN Women Pakistan. She is transmitting
positivism and confidence in the minds of the young people globally and
internationally through live shows and open forums. Her first attempt was in
the TEDx talk show. She was one among the 100 most inspirational women by BBC
in the year 2015.She is the first woman model on her wheelchair for Pakistan
Tony & Guy. In 2016, She was highlighted in Forbes Magazine 30 under 30 to
represent Asia, for Media and Marketing Category.

Conclusion:Life is not always bed of roses. It brings lot
of surprises. Some may be the person’s expectation which is the same level.
Some may be beyond the expectation. Some may be below the expectation. But,
accept life as it comes. The message Muniba Mazari conveys from her life isØ  Never ever give up! Don’t die before your
death! Ø  Celebrate every moment with gratitude.

Finally, I conclude by quoting Muniba Mazari,”
They called me disabled but I called differently abled.” 


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