IntroductionThere has always been a lot of controversyregarding the Nature vs Nurture debate. Many psychologists are trying to figureout whether human behavior is determined by nature or nurture. Nature alludesto whether genetic information affects human development and behavior. Nurturealludes to all the environmental factors that influences our personality andbehaviors, including childhood experiences, development, and culture. Thedebate starts to become more perplex and intricate when questions are broughtto the table. For instance, determining whether nature or nurture is involvedin the development of hyperactivity and homosexuality.  HyperactivityHyperactivity is a condition in which peopleexperience attention difficulty, fidgeting, anger, or mood swings.

Hyperactivityis a combination of environmental and genetic components. Research shows thatSeventy five to eighty percent of variation in hyperactivity traits is theresult of genetic factors with the rest being environmental. Studies have shownthat there is a genetic link to hyperactivity.

Individuals identified withhyperactivity may have blood relatives who have lived their lives with the samedisorder. It can be a genetic disorder that can be passed on to theiroffspring. Although there has been research that hyperactivity has been linkedgenetically, there have also been cases that hyperactivity is linked toenvironmental factors.

According to a study done in 2013, by the US New EnglandChildren’s Amalgam Trial, concluded that children with high bloodconcentrations aged 8–15 years were associated with hyperactivity disorder. Thisconcludes that both environmental and genetic factors are linked to hyperactivity.                                                                 HomosexualityHomosexuality on the other hand has to do withonly environmental factors. While a child starts developing into a teenagerthey start to become curious and are more prone to want to experiment with theopposite gender.

The child might be concerned about experimenting, but theenvironmental factors such as those who influence the child can give a push tohim or her to try it out and see how the person feels. Various scientificresearch have concluded that there is no scientific evidence that has set agenetic cause for homosexuality. Many scientists have stated that sexual orientationis a matter of self-declaration.

To be homosexual is a self-chosen identitythat many choose to be. Nurture has found its way in homosexuality and theenvironmental factors that lead people to affirm they are homosexual.  


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