Introduction / BackgroundTelemedicine in its infancy has had an impact on the provision of health care, especially in rural areas, but there are often consequences for the use of these programs, especially the high cost.

1These advanced and fast medical care programs make it easy to communicate with patients and schedule appointments with them.   DefinitionTELEMEDICINE can be broadly defined as “the use of telecommunications technologies to provide medical information and services”3  history of telemedicine   (The beginnings of telemedicine) Telemedicine is slowly increase to used as shorthand for clinical consultation electronically . It is also noted that there is interest in this field and it has increased dramatically in the 1990s.3 It is likely that the costs used in this field in the United States will go beyond $100 million in money-related 1994-1995.

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3 Also there is at least 13 federal (services businesses/government units), including the US Department of (the buying and selling of goods), Health Care Financing Management (HCFA), Office of (away from cities) Health Policy, and US Department of Defense, have begun telemedicine research and demonstration programs.3 There are also many states that have started using their own useful things/valuable supplies to build (the best design available now) telemedicine systems some with capital investments exceeding $50 million.3But this technology has not been used all over the world yet, but it is useful from the point of view of most of them and is also considered a valuable tool for providing health care and health services.

3    (Due to high price)There has been a rise in interest in and use of telemedicine services (and not too long ago) stimulated by the expected use of low-cost care laws.2Telemedicine services are provided in many areas, including coverage of gap services (e.g.

night coverage (x-ray related), critical services (Such as telestrokservices and telecommuting services), authorized services (e.g., health services Prisoner Care Services).2progress has been made in the face of traditional (that mean the things that block or stop other things) to the spread of tele-health. Third-party payments have been processed in 19 states that have passed equalization laws (and law making) to make sure that the cost of tele-health services is paid.

2 Inter-State medical licensing rules remain filled with problems. Mobile health is now experiencing huge/extreme growth and could be a different invention of new things that would change the face of future health care.2       (Types of telemedicine)Telemedicine can be classified into three main categories:  1- Monitoring the patient remotely.”Also known as telemonitoring”Through this type, which allows the follow-up of the patient and at home Especially those who suffer from chronic diseases (such as blood sugar , blood pressure and other) through the use of mobile data collection devices enables the caregivers to immediately follow the patient immediately.4  2- Storage and Transmitter.Through this type, caregivers are allowed to store and share patient information with another doctor somewhere, such as laboratory results and others.

4 3- Interaction in telemedicine.In this type of communication can be telemedicine through communication between the doctor and the patient in real time, as it can be held sessions in the patient’s home or any medical facility nearby provided that they have this type of communication.4Or through the use of some programs that allow video communication.    (Advantages of telemedicine)Some of the advantages for patients include:1. Comforts : Such as that the patient is connected to his work and does not have enough time . He also does not have time to travel or cannot afford the expenses.42.

 Easy access : These services enable patients to access health care especially those patients who live in rural areas.4  There is an advantages for the care provider like :1. Easily connect caregivers with patients and schedule appointments.4 2. Cheerleading to change the bad lifestyle :  Allow caregivers to encourage patients to change their lifestyle for the better, such as quitting smoking.4   (Disadvantages of telemedicine) Some of the disadvantages of telemedicine include:1. Inability to prescribe medications : the patient because there are many countries do not recognize the electronic prescription because it must be physical examination of the patient before giving the patient’s prescription.

4 2. Training in order to use the necessary equipment : There are some obstacles, including the inability of caregivers to use telemedicine equipment, and there are also the costs associated with telemedicine equipment because it is expensive.4  3. Licensing issues : Some states require carers to have a valid license for telemedicine in the state where the patient is located.4  Summary and Conclusion We conclude from this, that it is important at this time to use telemedicine especially for patients living in rural areas and find it difficult to access clinics due to illness or economic situation, but there are consequences in the use of these programs and often because of medical licenses or the inability to change from caregivers To use these programs. 


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