Introduction -As you already have read the title, you can know what the topic of my assignment is. The topic is ‘molecular cloning’, I will tell you in this introduction why I have chosen this specific topic. I will also tell you what my questions are about this topic and be able to answer them at the end.

Why Molecular cloning? : I am quite interested in the fact that as example a DNA can be cloned for different kind of purposes. There are people against cloning because the first thing that mostly comes up in their head when they hear the word ‘cloning’ is a devil scientist in a laboratory full of dangerous and scary instruments that does experiments. But this is not the reality of course and also not how I think about it. My statement: I think that cloning the DNA of  real humans to make other humans for example must be prohibited. During this essay, I will give arguments that are in favour of my statement and also arguments that won’t be in favour. What is Molecular Cloning? -Let first define the word ‘cloning’: The word ‘Cloning’ is a loaded term that can be used to mean different things. -Cutting a piece of DNA from one organism and inserting it into a vector where it can be replicated by a host organism. (Sometimes called sub cloning, because only one part of the organisms’ DNA is being cloned.

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-Using nuclear DNA from one organism to create a second organism with the same nuclear DNA. So when we talk about the Molecular Cloning we talk a big part about DNA. Because when we clone, we clone the DNA molecules. Molecular cloning generally uses DNA sequences from 2 different organisms: The species that is the source of the DNA that will be cloned, and the species that will be going to serve as the living host for replication of the recombinant DNA. A clone is a duplicate, like a copy of a document.

A good example of copies that occur in nature are identical twins, which are duplicates of each other. Everyday, molecular geneticists and other scientists use cloning techniques to replicate various genetic materials such as gene segments and cells. In 1996, the cloning of a living life form was brought from the realms of science fiction to reality with the cloning of a sheep named Dolly. Imagine meeting an exact replica of somebody or yourself seven to ten years from now. They look alike, and even have the same genetic makeup. This is the new world of cloning nowadays.         Arguments -So let’s take a look at my statement again: I think that cloning the DNA of  real humans to make other humans for example, must be prohibited.

At this point I am going to give some arguments against this statement and also arguments for my statement. Let first start with the arguments against this statement.1: Making clones of human DNA and also humans theimself isn’t humanistic I think. We are all different and nature it self decides and must decide how our DNA is and what kind of human we will be. Cloning is against the law of nature I think. 2: What if this cloning technology would be used for evil and would have been available during the time that Hitler lived?.

They could have cloned Hitler as many times as they wanted and also soldiers could have get cloned, so that these bad people would not have a end. I know that this sounds a bit out of the context, but I think it could have happened if they had this technology and knowledge about cloning. 3:  Cloning has not been perfected and problems are likely to occur. Genetic abnormalities and diseases within the clone could happen through experimentation. When cloning becomes successful, the lifespan of the clone is still shortened. I think that There’s no point in cloning since scientists really don’t have a handle on the right way to deal with genes.

These were the 3 arguments against cloning. Now I am going to give 3 arguments that stand for cloning.1:  A benefit of cloning is that it can give couples who cannot reproduce a chance to have children who are biologically related to them, whereas they otherwise could not.2: The people who are at a high risk for having a child with a genetic disease. They could clone one of them self and can have a healthy baby with their genes.3:  The issue to the gay and lesbian community could also be fixed, because cloning would allow these people to reproduce themselves and many of these people would want this right.

Conclusion -I have told you what molecular cloning is and how it works. I have given you my statement and also my arguments against it and the arguments that are for the statement. My opinion about the whole cloning topic is the following: I think that cloning the DNA cells of humans to create another human must not be legal, because this is at the moment to risky to do and can be dangerous. I also think that the true identity of people will be lost and this would be unnatural. But when we have it about adjusting the genes and DNA of humans, then I think that this could be something good to do. As I told in my arguments, babies that are expected to be born but that have a change to have a genetic diseases, could be helped by the legalization of it.

Also with older people that have a diseases or that are fragile for any disease, could be helped by making it legal to adjust the genetics of that person with a clean genetic. So this is a fifty – fifty situation I think, but if we need to chose, then I think that cloning new humans must not be legal now, but that cloning genes for people with a disease or something else could be realized over about 10 years, when the science and technology are more advanced and have more knowledge about this topic.


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