Introduction and back ground of PIAAfter a short period of independence in Pakistan decidedin 1951 that it needed a national flag carrier airline the government of thecountry accordingly established Pakistan International Airlines in this role,and on 25 May ordered three examples of the Lockheed L-1049C SuperConstellation four engine airliners as the new operator’s initial equipment.PIA flew its first service with the Super Constellation on 07 June 1954 on theroute linking Karachi and Dhaka, which were the main cities of the country’swestern and eastern of which the latter is now Bangladesh. On 1 February 1955the airline flew its first international service, between Karachi and Londonvia Cairo.Modernization of the fleet used for domestic and regionaloperations was now a matter of high priority, and in May 1956 the airlineplaced an order for three examples of the Vickers Viscount 815 four-turbopropairliner, the first of which was accepted in the UK on 2 January 1959 for a debutin revenue earning service on the service linking Karachi and Delhi on 31January 1959. Further enhancement came in 1961 with debut of the Fokker F27Friendship twin-turboprop type, of which the first was received on 3 January1961. The availability of the F27 for operation on the routes linking the majorPakistani cities freed the DC-3 fleet for use on new services to the remoterparts of East Pakistan.PIA was the first Asian airline with pure-jet aircraft,in the form of a Boeing 707-321 machine leased from Pan American World Airwaysfor use from 7 March 1960 on the London service that was extended to New Yorkon 17 June 1961. On 21 December 1961 PIA began to receive its own jet aircraftwhen it took delivery of the first of three Boeing 720-040B aircraft, whoseavailability permitted the operator to enlarge its international route network.

In 1963 PIA called off its New York service, but on 29April 1964 became the first non-communist airline to operate a service to theChinese city of Shanghai. A notable feature of PIA’s domestic routes in EastPakistan for some time was the helicopter services operated with SikorskyS-61N’s. PIA ordered four examples of the Hawker Snidely HS.121 Trident 1E toreplace Vickers Viscount 815s. First of these four Trident aircraft wasaccepted on 1 March 1966.

The Trident aircraft were later sold to the CivilAviation Administration of China in 1970. In 1971 East Pakistan secured itsindependence as Bangladesh, and PIA ceased operations to that country. Theairline’s fleet and network were both reduced, but the service to New York wasresumed in 1972.¬†INTRODUCTIONA transport is given and important in the world.

inPakistan it is important to which have essential air communication andmaintaining and improving relation with other countries. The growing industrialand commercial requirements of country, it is necessary to develop and quickspeedy means of communication. PIA services are available to large cities likeKarachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Peshawar, Multan, Hyderabad, Sukkar, and Quetta.Some intermediate-size towns have also been linked like Nawabshah, Jacobabad,Mianwali, Banu, Kohat and Dera Ismail Khan.

It also links small places, whichhave transport difficulties like Gilgit, Chitral, Skardu. Zhob, Khuzdar,Panjgur, Pasni, Gwador, Turbat, and Jiwani and important historical places likeMoen-jo-daro. It has wide links outside Pakistan and links many Europeancountries like UK, Germany, France, Italy, Russia etc. It goes to the USA andalso connects most of the countries of the Middle East and a few Africancountries. It goes to India, Malaysia, Philippines, Bangladesh, Singapore, SriLanka, Thailand, China, Hong Kong and Japan. The result of this expansion hasbeen that the number of passengers and cargo handled by PIA has greatlyincreased.

In 1955&56 PIA carried 1.1 million passengers, which more thandoubled in five years’ time. After a slight setback during 1971-74 thepassenger traffic has steadily increased and was about 4 million in 1985-86.The international traffic has registered a more phenomenal growth. Thepassenger load factor fluctuates between 55-65%.¬† The aircraft entered a steep dive and crashedabout three minutes after a night takeoff in poor weather. All four crewmembers and 26 passengers were killed.PIA is the Pakistan largest airlines with the fleet ofmore than 35 airplanes.

In 2016 PIA is going to produce through procedure ofprivatization to shift management from Government to private sector. Itemployees 14000 nearly people work and airline punctuality of 88%. PIA operatesschedule service domestic 22 destination and 28 international destinationsacross operates nearly 100 flights daily.  


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