IntroductionThere is a need to increase the attention onthe social impacts from a music festival in Hong Kong. Hong Kong government started to develop the creative industries and sensed that have immensedevelopment potential.

 Also, they think that it is a powerhouse that willdrive the economy, add value and make Hong Kong a more attractive internationalcity. (Policy Address, 2017) The Home Affairs Bureau covers a widespectrum of policy areas. It is including civic education, youth policy,district and community relations, sports and recreation, and culture andarts.  It is responsible to develop the music and art culture in HongKong. (Home Affairs Bureau, 2017)Hong Kong has not rich experience in host aninternational level music and art festival as there had never been that before.People have never experienced it, it will be a strange activity for them.Therefore, one of the challenges about operates an art and music festival inHong Kong that is culture differences.

“Hong Kong has quite a conservativeculture, with people far more inclined to say “No” than”Yes”. This means that it can be quite difficult to get permits forthings. People didn’t understand what we were doing, so there was a lot ofeducation to be done. People didn’t necessarily get what we were trying to achieveand why it wasn’t going to be a risk for the city as a whole – and for thepeople who had said “yes” in particular.” Martin Haigh, Chief SalesOfficer of Magnetic Asia, the festival’s parent company, explains that operatea new event is difficult in Hong Kong as culture differences.

(Murray, 2016)Besides, one of the possible goals issuccessful combat social problem at and surrounding events, such as decreasethe number of crime and solve the disorder problem of a region. (Getz, 2007)However, Clockenflap is a Hong Kong’s biggestannual music and art festival. (Timable, 2017) Clockenflap prefers that thereis a zero-tolerance policy to illegal substances and drugs. (Clockenflap, 2017) Sadly, there are fourteenvisitors were arrested at Clockenflap 2017 for drug possession. Police officersseized cocaine and cannabis in a three-day operation. (Kwok, 2017) In HongKong, any person who has in his possession;or smokes, inhales, ingest or injects a dangerous drug, shall be liable upon conviction.

(The Dangerous Drug Ordinance -Chapter 134)Therefore,Clockenflap will be the focus event in this paper. In the following parts, itwill use the relevant policies, articles, and theories to analyze the issuesand propose the relevant development ideas for solving the issues.                                                                                              Literature ReviewAccording toThe Chief Executive’s 2017 Policy Address, the government will focus on development and the future direction of Hong Kong ‘s creativeindustries. Hong Kong Government comes to realize that it has immense development potential.They are not barely a cluster of emerging professions. About creativeindustries, it mainly focuses on the design, arts, cultural and communicationssectors that are popular among young people. It is also a power plant to makeHong Kong be a more attractive international city because that will force theeconomy and add value.  (The Hong KongSpecial Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China, 2017)About theculture and arts, the vision of Home Affairs Bureau is to develop Hong Kong asan international cultural metropolis.

Policy Initiatives of Home Affairs Bureau(2017) noticed they support the freedom of artistic expression and creation andpromote an energetic development of cultures. Also, they have been activelycreating an environment conducive to the variegated development of culture andthe arts. Providing citizens with the opportunities to participate extensivelyin arts and culture, dedicating resources to fostering talents, encouraginginnovation, and supporting the conservation and promotion of the traditionalculture also are the vision of the Home Affairs Bureau. (Home Affairs Bureau,2017)Mostcultural policies are related to festivals and the arts, but there is no reasonwhy all planned events cannot ease cultural experiences and meet the goals ofother cultural developments.

‘Development’ in the arts and cultural spheres hasto include increased awareness of what is available and its benefits to thecommunity, audience-building through direct implicate of people in the arts,creating revenue, fostering traditional or indigenous talent and expression,and even providing free entertainment for the public. The government canleverage the events to improve the traditional and indigenous cultural development.Some of the main goals of the Festival Strategy were to develop an annual eventand to ensure their independence and a balance of creativity, social objectivesand the ability of a business. Other goals included social inclusion andensuring sufficient funding. Therefore, one of the possible goals of culturalpolicy is cultivated sustainable culture event tourism. (Getz, 2012)Home AffairsBureau proposed Cultural Policy and explained that the objectives of theCultural Policy are about providing opportunities forwide participation in culture and the arts and the potentialscan develop their artistic talents.

Also, they hope to createan environment conducive to the diversified and balanced development of cultureand the arts. About thetraditional cultures, it will support thepreservation and promotion it while encouraging artistic creation andinnovation. There alsothe main point of the policy that is todevelop Hong Kong into a prominent hub of cultural exchanges. (Home Affairs Bureau, 2017)Festivals promote cultural exchange andunderstanding between residents and visitors by providing a terrace to increaseforbearance and understanding between hosts and guests. (Besculides, Lee, &McCormick, 2002) It is because the guests are exposed to the host culture.Furthermore, demonstrating their own culture to outsiders strengthens socialties, thereby enhances self-identity, pride, agglomeration, and support.

Moreover, the interactivity of social and cultural activities furtherstrengthens the relationships between the growth of social capital and thepromotion of culture (Attanasi, Casoria, Centorrino, & Urso, 2013). A research shows that festivals provide the uniqueopportunities for cultural and educational development of communities (Getz,1997). Festivals provide the opportunities for exchanging ideas betweenresidents and visitors. and act as an educational and training terrace forresidents. (Dwyer, Mellor, Mistilis, and Mules, 2000) Festivals can alsoenhance the understanding between the community members from differentethnicities and cultural backgrounds.

It also can act as building blocks forcommunities (Getz, 1991, 1997). In manycommunities, including small towns and urban communities, events can becatalysts for community development. Social policy is a method to combat socialproblems.

Social groups that integrate all kinds of conflicts should be thegoal, to be realized through planning and decision making, all the way throughsocial interpretation at events. Avoiding and responding to social problems ator surrounding events is a matter of social policy. It is not just a safetyissue; it should also combine the public awareness and education, eventmanagement including crowd management, site design and travel convention.(Getz, D., 2012)Drug abuse is an illegal issue that usuallyfind in a music event. In Hong Kong, any person who has in his possession; or smokes, inhales, ingest orinjects a dangerous drug, shall be liable upon conviction to a fine HKD$1,000,000 and imprisonment for 7 years.

(The Dangerous Drug Ordinance – Chapter 134)A study conducted a survey of teenagers attending aday-long music festival held in Melbourne, attended by around 40,000 peopleeach year. As the results, the illegal drug use is more common among participantsof this music festival than in the relevant age group in the general Australianpopulation. This, in turn, shows that the festival’s subculture is linked tothe use of illegal drugs.

In particular, rap and dance/house music preferenceswere related strongly with recent drug abuse. Many young Australians want toenhance their musical and other social experiences so they use illegal drugs inrecreational settings. Dance music and revel at the venues would be suitableplaces to promote secure drug use. The results underline the fact that thepopulation participate this music festival are a distinct, high-risk group, whousing illegal drugs more often than in their age group in the generalAustralian population. This music festival and similar events provide a greatopportunity to easily reach out to a large number of people at-risk in a shortperiod of time for health promotion. (LIM, HELLARD,HOCKING, & AITKEN, 2008)Festivaldevelopment ideasClockenflap is a Hong Kong’s biggestannual music and art festival. Clockenflap 2017 is a critical point as it is the 10th anniversaryof the event.

Clockenflap featured more than 100 international and local acts.(Taiker, 2017) It is about much more than music, and thereis filled with special and unique interactive experiences. It containsdifferent types of art, such as international and local live music, movie, art fixture,street, and kids’ area. (Timable, 2017)In these 10 years, Clockenflap factsdifferent challenges in the operation, one of the key challenges is culturaldifferent. People have not much opportunities to participate a large-scalemusic and art festival in Hong Kong. Also, there are many restrictions forholding a music and art festival in Hong Kong, especially the choice of eventvenue. (Murray, 2016)Clockenflap is a signature music and artfestival in Hong Kong.

Therefore, because of cultural differences, Clockenflapneed to increase more elements which about local cultural to reduce the gapbetween natives. For example, Clockenflap designs different themes for thefestival in every time. It can design the theme or a part of the event is aboutHong Kong local music. Beyond is a legend of boy band in Hong Kong, there canfind a local band to cover their signature songs for paying tribute to Beyond.

Another idea is Clockenflap can invite the local and foreign artist to make acorporation in music or art. When these two differences culture crossover, itwill be an excellent opportunity for exchanging the culture with the foreign.Hong Kong government is also an importantstakeholder in it.

Hong Kong government need to encourage the organizations tohold more music events as people have not much opportunities to participate alarge-scale music and art festival. Hong Kong government set up a Mega Events Fund (MEF) to easethe pressure of economic contraction, boosting domestic demand and increasingemployment opportunities and promote Hong Kong as an event capital of Asia.(Legislative Council, 2009) However, MEF ceased operation in March 2017 aftereight years’ operation. There are need to adopt the new strategies to encourageand support different organizations to organize events or activities in Hong Kong.

The government supports the continued holding of major band event in Hong Kong,including Art Basel, Hong Kong Sevens. (Legislative Council, 2017) It also apoint that government should support the local event successfully “upgrade” tobe an international level event.Besides, Clockenflap prefers that there is azero-tolerance policy to illegal substances and drugs. (Clockenflap, 2017)Sadly, there are fourteen visitors were arrested at Clockenflap 2017 for drugpossession.

Police seized cocaine and cannabis during a three-day operation.(Kwok, 2017) It is not the first time happened in a music festival. In Road ToUltra 2017, there were four participants sent to hospital as drug abuse, andone of them has died.

Police seized a few drugs in the presence and found drugsin the urine of some clients. (Sing Tao Daily, 2017)The government and event organizers need to focus on theillegal drug issue in the event. To ensure that Hong Kong’s major culturalbrand will not be damaged by similar accidents. Drug-sniffing dogs andpat-downs are able to attack the illegal drug issue but it is not popular inHong Kong.

In the foreign countries, many festivals are prosecuting new methodsof dealing the presence of drugs including the use of drug-sniffing dogs andpat-downs, such as Spring Wave Music and Art Festival. (Lam, 2016) Also, the organization can create a dedicated harm reductiondepartment. There can provide the pill testing service, and provides anemergency tent for people to chill out in if they get too high.

The promotion is an important method toreduce the issue. It can put more warning signatures and distribute leafletsfor reminding the visitors about the consequence of drug abuse. Althoughthese steps will not prevent participants from using drugs, taking steps tocombat the abuse of drugs at festivals is a step in the right direction. ConclusionIn Hong Kong, people are not easy to get anopportunity to participate a mega event, especially music and art festival.

Itis because it is difficult to hold an international level music and artfestival as cultural differences. Hong Kong government are duty to encouragethe organizations to hold more mega events in Hong Kong. It is an opportunityfor the resident to exchange the culture with others and accept the newculture. Also, the organization can operate an event theme are relating theculture from the local.

Moreover, the illegal drug problem is seriousrecently in the music festival. There need to upgrade the system for searchingthe drug in an event, such as drug-sniffing dogs and pat-downs, tosolve the issues. Also, promotion is a method to remindand educate the visitors about the scourges of drug abuse, especiallyteenagers.Music festival is important for developingand exchanging the culture in Hong Kong. Hong Kong government are responsibleto provide more resources to encourage the development of music festival.Multiculturalism can make a city be more harmony and create the benefits to thepublic.


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