IntroductionRelevance of this studylies in cultural differences between all countries around the globe. What can anordinary person say about globalization? Many of us are being aloof about it.

Somemight say that this is the matter of economists, politicians, people from thesespheres. Nevertheless, when it concerns culture what can we say? People whonever left their country. There are a lot of people who never left theircountry and was never exposed to other cultures.

 The reason why I chooseto work at such problem is to give another perspective about American culture, andto answer the question «does American culture goes global? » Recently I wasliving in a dormitory with different people from other places. Which means thattheir behavior was so extraordinary from the people who live here for eternity.Among them there was one person who stood out the most.

He could talk English andgot here through American government contract. So, why did I choose him amongthe others. He was conspicuous by his actions. For starters, he was talking tohimself.

He could easily scream some phrases during nights like «cool, oh mygod». Something like that. He was independent, being shy didn’t sound much tohim. He could easily argue with the director of a dormitory. That is why I wantto see why American culture is so popular nowadays. What are the reasons behindthis? The new technologies andits development have always been instrumental in changing the world. The way wedo living. They induce us to alter our views on a general worldview.

We wouldcertainly have been more open towards other nations, but for the lack of technologiesback in the days, we now live in a different world – world of diversity.Forages people were separated from each other through rocks and stones of aninability to reach or find any information about other nations. They haven’thad a chance to see each other.

So, that is why people had to develop their ownway of living and communication. They attribute their lives to god that theycreated themselves. And based on that components, people have established anation of their choice.

Everything we see today is considered to have some kind of diversity.There are different languages, religions, ideas and theories. This all was doneby alternative ways of life. Individual from one country can be unlike fromanother. On the one hand, person can be shy based on the culture of hiscountry.

On the other – be open.  TheEarth has always been diverse. In a diversity we can find our power.

We canhave endless possibilities of opinions and ideas that could change theworld.    Still there is one country which isconsidered to be one which defines trends of globalization and culture as well.This instrumental part in organization modern course fall to the lot ofAmerica. And that leads us to question if American culture even goes global.

My objectives are todefine globalization and culture; look through history of America and find thecause of the globalization of its culture; give an overall conclusion to thistopic.


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