Introduction – The Part of Police I chose to researchand do my assignment on was how policing has evolved with technology. Thereason I chose to do this was because I have seen significant changes withinthe Police Force as I always look into how the police deal with situations andwhat tactics they use to catch criminals and even when they gather evidence, Ialways like to research how they reach to the verdict of prosecution. I alwayslike to research on how policing develops and the effectiveness of what they doand how it positively affects the police and the community.

The start of 19th century, law and orderwas under constant threat as London’s population had grown to 1.5million. Butthe problem was due to their only being 450 constables and 4000 watchmen. Back In the 19th century policing andtechnology was really simple as the police officers only had such littleresources. Such as a whistle to get attention from other officers if they werein trouble or needed assistance, and a truncheon to deter criminals and anotebook to write notes so they remembered people’s names that they stopped andsearched and write notes about what’s happened in the area that they have beentold to patrol in. In the 19th century the policing system wascreated by Sir Robert Peel, the system consisted of each rural or urban areawere allocated to a police officer who would patrol that certain area andcreate a relationship between the people who lived there. Sir Robert Peel wasborn on the 5th of February 1788 in Bury, Lancashire.

There was no professionalpolice force in the 18th century. Due to the city of Glasgow policebeing established led to Scotland establishing a police force in the 1800s.underthe supervision of Sir Robert Peel development of policing began. Robert Peel setup metropolitan police force based at Scotland yard, he has over 1000 employeesand they were knowing as ”boobies” and ‘peelers’. The bobbies were unpopularbut they did help to reduce crime.  Policing technologies has drastically changed as theold policing styles involved using local based manual system for collating intelligencesuch as sitting down as a group and reading out notes that have been written inyour personal notebook, but I believe this is difficult as the police officermight forget what happened in the scene.

Back In the 19th centurythere was no sort of digital recording systems so there was no way to look backat what happen during an arrest or a disagreement. In present day there aremany ways to connect with colleges and different people within the police veryefficiently and will less stress. One technology that significantly helps thepolice is the digital radio system.

This system is used by all emergency services.This is a very efficient way to communicate with peers as it has nationalroaming so the signal will never get interrupted and it’s much easier to callfor back up in hard situations and when you need assistance. The police radioalso has a button that can be pressed if the officer apposes that they are indanger. And I believe the main focus on this is that all information is passedcorrectly to all colleges as this could cause problems within the police force.

For example, if a constable passes a messages through the radio to the policeheadquarters the person who gets the messages might need to tell the sergeantor someone who is higher in the hierarchy. The messages might be passed onwrong and there could be confusion which might lead to things going wrong.On January 14th 2009 the Police introducedthe way to communicate in the London underground by using the high tech radiosystem. This was a positive move as the Met, The City of London Police and theBritish Transport Police were all using the high tech radio. This helped withcommunicating with colleagues above on higher grounds, and it allowed forco-ordinating response if there was any major incidents and emergencies.

This particularlyhelped on large events such as New Year’s Eve Celebrations, Notting HillCarnival and football matches. The policing minister, Vernon Coaker said that ‘It allows police officers tocommunicate with each other quickly and safely to ensure an effective responseto any incident’. During large festivals or events, if anything goeswrong there needs to be quick and efficient working strategies and all emergencyservices need to be in the right places. so the radio will help to communicateefficiently and this will lead to effective responses in the right places. Police technology has evolved drastically one part ofpolicing that helps is the PNC – Police National Computer. The police nationalcomputer is used to facilitate and share information and this is for nationaland local importance.

The Police National Computer is used for severalimportant investigations. Such as checks on people and vehicle. The police cancheck for previous records of a person, if they have any criminal records or apast of crime through the national computer. The Police National computer canflag up if a vehicle is wanted for being stolen and if its occupants are wantedby the police. This was not the same before this was bought into the policeservice. Its much easier to gather intelligence with the source of computer asits accurate.   21st century is much more challenging forthe police in all judicators around the world. Such as in Australia the policeface challenges such as trying to stop and prevent terrorism.

The police alsoget increase involved in addressing social problems such as responding to an disadvantagein indigenous communities.Terrorism is a large and major scale of problem thatthe police have to stop and prevent, such as 9/11 that took place in the UnitedStates. These attacks occur in unpredictable locations at any time.The Australian public police agencies have counter terrorismbranches and this leads to the participating in the national counter terrorismcommittee.All border agencies in all airports have securityofficers as deterrence.

So people that look to commit any type of crime stopand they get scared to firstly committing the crime and secondly to cause apanic to all passengers, aircrafts and staff. All bags are checked at theairport for any illegal substances and anything that can lead to trouble orissues. This is done by using an x-ray scanner and this allows for officer tolook clearly what is in the bag and this can lead to stop and searches beingpermitted in the airport. All airports have immigration officers.

For example,when flying into Heathrow, there are immigration checks, this consists ofshowing your passport to an immigration officer, the officer checks yourpassport and makes sure you are not a threat to enter into the country. Ifthere are any problems the police at the airport can easily refuse entry to thecounty and question you. The Technology used to gather evidence could be afinger print scanner. When bough in to interview you can be finger scanned fortheir records and this will be able to check who the person is and if it’s theright person entering the country. Social media has had a massive effect on the policeand the public.

A very big positive effect due to the police always postingabout crimes that have happened as soon as it’s taken place, this builds trustwith the community and the police as the police share information to help thecommunity. Such as they write appeals that they are looking for someone that ismussing, this helps the community to believe the police and this leads totrusting the police when you ask them to help you with a problem that you have.Twitter is a massive foundation for the police as, the Leicestershire police ingeneral always post about crimes that have taken place and anything that hashappened.

It creates a stronger contact with the community and the police as Ifyou know something has happened in a place you tend not to go there and you tryto avoid that location.Community support officers also visit there patrolareas and have discussions with home owners about any problems that might betaken place in your community and this leads to trust between you and the policeofficer in general. The more CCTV cameras and ANRP cameras there are the more efficientfor police to catch suspect that are doing the wrong thing, therefor if policemake more arrests and publish it on media it attends to catch the public’s eyeand leads to good things being spoke about, about the police. Police officersalso wear body cameras so this can lead to trust In the officers s they arerecorded at all times so the community can have the positive sign that they aredoing the right thing at the right time and this leads to positive thoughts.

In the telegraph it stated that Sergeant Harry Tangyefrom Devon and Cornwall police, who was names the best tweeting sergeant. Hestate ‘When you walk down the street you speakto maybe three or four people. With social media, you can immediately talk tothousands There is the risk you are talking to the converted but I thinkexperience shows there are plenty of people who are suspicious or sceptical andwho believe the more negative media.’ this is a positive sign as other officerwill follow his footsteps and if  moreofficer tweet the bond will get stronger between the community and police. On the independent news articleit states that UK police will start to do ”predictive crime mapping”alexander babuta said that ”the software itself is actually quite simple –using crime type, crime location and fate and time and then based in past crimedata it generates a hotspot map identify areas where crime is most likely tohappen” so by looking at this I can already see that the police force arealways thinking of new ideas to develop their technology and respond to crime efficiently.Doing this will lead to officers patrolling certain areas that are hop spottedon the map, so if something happened quick and easy support will be in thearea, before leading to any problems or casualties.

Conclusion – In conclusion fromthe assignment I can clearly state that policing technology has changed throughthe years of policing. And Sir Robert Peel as defiantly added a positive effectwithin policing. Police technology will keep on improving and helping thepolice due to the circumstances of what has improving since the 19thcentury. The police will always stay on top of crimes that are taking place byusing the right technology at the right time. Such as on festivals they canstart using drones to surveillance the area of the festival to find anything unusualand this can lead to stopping problems taking place.

Police technology willlast longer and help the police if there is a low hacking rate on policesystems. So this can be done by having a secure system and always taking timeto make sure the system is secure. Overall I believe that technology has positivelyhelped the police and I believe it will keep on helping the police till timepasses.  


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