Introduction            I enrolled in the RN-BSN program lateSeptember of 2016. At the time, I worked full-time, as a result I only did takeclasses one at a time. I did take most classes with the exception of one coursethat I originally registered to take at the start of the month, but was unableto do so due to financial needs and not being able to make payments on time.BeforeRN-BSN Program            Nursing school always emphasized the important ofevidence based practice and the great outcome that follows doing so.

As aresult of taking Nursing Research I can navigate and search evidence basedarticles to implement in my nursing care. I now, research current nursing practicesthat are evidence based and peer reviewed in my nursing practice such as Foley cathetercare and Central line associated blood stream infections. I continue to educatemyself on how to prevent type of infections and promoting optimal care bycontinued research and implement evidence based practice in nursing care.

Ihave changed my outlook, behavior on nursing research as I now see the benefitsand the great outcome surety it brings to patients. I have seen the immensechanges, quality care and increased patient satisfaction due to the changesimplemented in nursing care through evidence based practice.             Secondly, I have found a greatappreciation for various cultures. I continue to be advocates for the patientsthat seem to not have a voice to address health care needs because of culturebarriers.

I had an admit come in a couple of days ago with stroke and syncopeand this patient was African American, that was deaf, blind and spoke a differentlanguage other than English. I found many resources within the hospital withthe help of house supervisors to accommodate to the patient’s needs. As aresult of locating the resources, the patient was updated on her care, andgiven education on stroke, side effects and the care post discharge.

Thepatient eagerly absorbed all information and was grateful for going above andbeyond to make sure she was taking care of. I have changed my attitude of beingable to accommodate to special needs that patients present with and continue tobe a strong advocate for patients that do not have a voice or is fearful ofbothering health care professional with having their needs met.BeforeRN-BSN Program            With vulnerable populations such as our older adultswith chronic illnesses that face cognitive function or physical disabilities havelimited resources within the community and remains in high level acute care. Ihave learned the importance of a healthy transition. Meaning, the delivery and executionof a well detailed discharge plan including basic medication management,information on community resources, understanding of symptom and control andengaging and educated family of transitional care continuum. “Transition iscentral to optimal patient care and safety (Jung & AE, 2015).” I havelearned as a registered nurse I play a key role, in the transition process, Icontribute to the development of transitional care for vulnerable populations. LifelonglearningAs a nurse, I am committed to life -longlearning.

I believe life -long learning makes me a better nurse.  Life -long learning has allowed me to stayupdated on the changes happening within healthcare. It has helped me acquirecritical thinking and practice ethically and safely with patients.

I continueto attend workshops, seminars and continued education courses, so I can soak upthe good information like a sponge to provide optimal care for my patients. Iam open to new and improved ideas to better my nursing practice.  Lifelonglearning examplesAs a new nurse, I quickly came torealize that nursing knowledge is different from book learning. Why I say thisis because, I had a patient that suddenly changed from being alert and orientedto person, place, time and situation to not responding at all.

All I rememberwas freezing and unable to move, except to call the charge nurse for help. Sheacted effortlessly and quickly and moved the patient to the unit. Through thissituation I learned the steps and procedures to transfer a patient to the unit.Hoping, this never happens again, this experience was a learning moment for me.Secondly, lifelong learning has taught me to be patient with myself and thelearning process.LifelongLearning Reference            “The seed of lifelong learning are planted early onand come to fruition throughout one’s career (Nursing BC, 2014)”. Registerednurses are lifelong learners, I continually assess and find ways to improve my practiceto provide optimal and quality care for my patients.

Noviceto Expert            Prior to taking the RN-BSN courses I did notunderstand the importance of continued education and the meaning of life -longlearning. Through taking these courses I have learned to appreciate learningevery day. My pride has come down and I eagerly await to learn and seek newlearning opportunities to better my medical surgical nursing practice in neurology,orthopedics and trauma. Noviceto Expert Examples            Since taking the nursing research course I havepresented an evidence based practice presentation on pain management forchronic patients on my current floor. Secondly, I have joined a faith basedcommunity nursing reaching out to people in the community and currentlyinvolved in health fairs and diabetic teaching at Methodist Hospital.

Noviceto Expert Reference”Creating a culture of healthaligns with public health’s mission to assure the conditions in which peoplecan be healthy, and the faiths community missions to holistically serve theircongregation and community (Cooper & Zimmerman, 2017).”Synthesisof Role Transition            Nursing is not what I pictured coming out of nursing school,my philosophy remains the same to be a humble servant aimed to deliver compassionateand quality care to all patients.Synthesisof Role Transition Example            With the completion of the course I have resolvedconflicts at work with implementing effective communication strategies andleadership theories. Secondly, I am able to integrate clinical knowledge intomy nursing practice with learned concepts and theories.

Synthesisof Role Transition Reference”Effective communication is centralto the provision of compassionate, high quality nursing care (Bramhall &Elaine, 2014).”  “The theory of the artof nursing include three concepts- respect, responsibility and empathy (Alligood& Fawcett, 2016).”EvaluationThe program was beyond convenient;it fit perfectly with my work schedule. The program could use power pointpresentation and speaker notes on each module.

I would not change the contentof the topic taught. I would definitely recommend this program to friends andco- workers, because I have gained much knowledge with each course.


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