Internet is a centrally located platform in global network of public computers. Internet has changed the life of people in many ways. You can use internet either for facilitating your work or job or you can use it in your studies and in getting information from anywhere in the world. Besides this, you can use internet facility just for fun.

Like for all exiting things in the world, we have some advantages and disadvantages of internet also. Here is the list of some points which will clarify all the doubts about internet. Advantages Of Internet ) E-mail – Email is one of the biggest advantages of internet.

Email or we can say electronic mail facilitates the user with the liberty of sending mails to anyone he wants to interact with. The sender can send his message which he wants to convey at any point of time in a day whereas the receiver can read the message anytime he logs in to his account. Thus, Emails comes first in the list when we talk about the advantages and disadvantages of internet. [pic] 2) Getting in touch – There are so many messengers on the internet or net.By those messengers, you can talk to your friends and family. There are special options like voice chat and video chat by which you can talk and can even see your dear ones. There is no limitation of the location or boundaries. You can talk to anyone from anywhere in the world.

3) Information – When we talk about the advantages and disadvantages of internet, the main advantage we can see is information. Internet is a new world in itself and you can get any information from this. No matter what your profession is, you can read, learn and retrieve information on your desired topic. ) Online conversation – Many companies are using online conversation to be in touch with their customers. They are building new sites, new email ids so that any normal consumer can get any kind of information regarding the product as well as the company without incurring any cost only with the help of online conversation. 5) Service – BPO’s and KPO’s are functioning because of internet only. They provide their services through net and now becoming one of the highest revenue generating industry in the world.

World is getting shorter and nations are getting inter-dependent on each other.All this is possible only because of internet. 6) Ecommerce – While discussing regarding the advantages and disadvantages of internet, e-commerce is a subject you cannot ignore. Nowadays, you will find tons of sites which provide you the option to buy certain products online. This is called e-commerce. Disadvantages of internet 1) Insecurity – As the whole world is on internet, there is no security.

In order to keep your data confidential and secure, you have to take extra precautionary steps. Internet is one of the insecure markets with lots of hackers who work as anti internet agents. ) Addiction – People sometimes get addicted to internet. They keep themselves busy in either social networking sites or just for the entertainment purpose. This might result in some diseases related to eyes and mind. Sometimes because of over sitting, people can have the problem of backache and neck problems also. 3) Virus – Virus is the enemy on internet. While discussing about the advantages and disadvantages of internet, virus comes first in the list of its disadvantages.

Virus is a kind of problem which occurs in the computers because of internet only.If the frequency is high then it can damage your valuable data as well as corrupt the machine. 4) Spamming – Internet is so popular that everyone try to make easy money out of it. As you can use fake information here, some people are taking disadvantage of this and are spamming on internet. They are making us fools by their false and lucrative options and people who are ignorant and new comers get trapped into it. 5) Wrong impression on children – Internet is also the home of porn and other stuff which might be harmful for children.This stuff is freely available on internet and you can see the advertisements on any of the local and international website.

Children get fascinated towards it and indulge in such bad activities. The above mentioned are some of the advantages and disadvantages of internet but, there are many to be included in the list. One should look for the proper usage of internet.

Though we have all the facilities on internet but its usage is on us. If we do justice to it then it will be a boon otherwise it will take no time in turning to a curse for mankind.


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