Inter-agency planning and communication is vital
when the public services respond to a major incident it allows the public
service to respond efficiently and effectively to incidents. Planning and
preparation can result in much faster response times. Planning can also guarantee
that the public services are all cooperating to the same goals. It can indicate
any potential problems that could occur as well as identify areas where public
services need to improve to efficiently respond. It can also prevent serious
injuries and even death in the quick and strategic response to incidents. Without
Inter-agency planning and communication the public services would not be able
to effectively respond to emergency incidents due to poor planning and
preparation. Poor planning can result poor response times which can result in
the serious injuries and even deaths of those involved in the incident. The
public services would not be working towards the same goals which can delay the
operation which slows down the response to the incident. This is the reason
that Inter-agency planning and communication is vital when the public services
respond to a major incident, allows the public service to respond efficiently
and effectively to incidents which will save peoples life’s and prevent any
further escalation of the incident.

Analyse the importance of inter-agency emergency planning
for major incidents:

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Emergency Plans/ Contingency plans are a
series of clear orders on how responding agencies respond to a major incidents,
each agency will have Contingency plans on how to respond to different types of
major incidents. Liaison officer’s form each service will come together in
conjunction with the local government to formulate a widespread contingency
plan that all services can work form.

Liaison Officers: liaison officers are
members of the public services who are responsible for communicating with the
other services as well as and sharing and simulating information between
them.  Liaison officers coordinate training days where the public service
train together to improve their performance.

major incident it is important that responding agencies communicate and work
together in order to successfully and professionally deal with the incident
this can be done in the following ways:

Explain how UK agencies involved in a
specific Major Incident, worked together in accordance with their legal duties:


Authority: Local
authorities provide universal support to the Emergency Services by providing
the Councils normal functions at the scene to support with, or take
responsibility for highways/traffic management, building structure safety
advice, community welfare and housing.


HM Coast Guard: Her Majesty’s Coast
Guard is a emergency services that is responsible for the citizen Maritime
search and rescue operations at sea and also around the UK Shore lines.  They respond to emergency call outs on land
and sea some of their other duties can include counter pollution, Receiver of
Wreck, Maritime Incident Response Group (MIRG), Resilience.


Ambulance Service: The ambulance
services as part of the National Health Service they are responsible for the
management of medical care and aid to people that are injured in a incident. It
the responsibility of the ambulance service to transport casualties to the
hospital to receive further medical treatment.


Fire and Rescue Service: During an
incident the fire and rescue services main function is the preservation of life
and property. The fire and rescue services also have the responsibility to
provide humanitarian services and protect the environment.


Police service: the police service
during a major incident is to co-ordinate the incident whist the major incident
is taking place.  Because of the
organizational and operational capacity of the police service the service has
to liaise with the other emergency services. The police service is responsible
for all persons in around the scene of the incident. It is also the
responsibility of the police service to ensure that the scene of the incident
is preserved for investigations and inquires which could lead to criminal prosecutions.


Each agency has a different job that they
have to do to make whatever situation safe again.

Describe the work of agencies at UK incidents and their
legal duties:

Local Authorities

HM Coast Guard

Medical services

British Transport Police

The core responders involve the emergency services such as
the police, ambulance and fire and rescue services but they can also entail the


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